Two Afghan Kids Killed by NATO Troops

We Are Those Children
Horrific news from our friends in Kabul.  Last weekend 2 kids, age 7 and 8, were killed by NATO forces while herding cattle in the Uruzgan Province in Afghanistan. 

The Afghan Peace Volunteers (APV), with whom I visited a few weeks ago, took to the streets in nonviolent protest.

They were accompanied by a couple of cows, as a reminder of the innocence of these children who were killed alongside their livestock. 

They carried signs that read:  “We are those 2 children.”  Here is a video they sent us:

Here’s a quote from their response to the killings:

We have woken up, and we detest the method of mutual killing in war that the leaders of the world have adopted. We say, with due respect to the leaders, but with no respect for their, or any, act of violence, “We are very wrong. You are very wrong…. We cannot go on resolving conflicts this warring way.”

Brave New Films

We are those two childrenmNATO has issued an apology.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers responded to the apology of NATO Commander General Joseph Dunford by saying, “We are tired of ‘sorries’.” 

Here are their own words: 

We don’t want ‘sorry-s’. We want an end to all killing. We want to live without war. We want all warriors to run back anxiously to their own homes, and fling their arms around their sons and daughters, their grandsons and grand-daughters, and say, “We love you and will never participate in the killing of any child or human being again.”

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  • breid1903

    i hate to be an ass, but that has been the name of the game with nato ever since. usually they throw in some unborn children for good measure. would that be forced abortion? me thinks yes. bush was a murderer. obama is a murderer. get used to it. if we support war we are co enablers. if yahweh tells us to support the govt well that translates to the iranians are to support their govt. peace. billy

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