taking the words of Jesus seriously

Have you ever felt moved to put it all on the line?

Have you ever felt called to risk it all for the love we undergo when we open to God?

The community that I was a part of founding where I have spent the last 8 years –going through the highs and lows of radical hospitality, direct action, gardening, praying and cups of tea—we are feeling called to leave.

If you had asked me a month ago what I’m doing I would have laughed. It’s been a stressful last two weeks. So much so I thought I was going to through up waiting in a bank the other day.. that’s a sign of faith right?

So here’s the story…

First Home Project from First Home Project on Vimeo.

I ask that you’d share this with your networks as we have only 10 days to find the rest of the $600, 000. I ask you’d visit firsthomeproject.com.au to find out more. And I pray, that we’d all discover the grace that it is to risk it all in living God’s love.

Cause maybe all “faith” means is risk. Risking to trust the Holy Spirit and follow Jesus. Risking making love practical. I have no idea where this might end (possibly $10, 000 down, without a community or a place to house ourselves let alone those in need)… but I get the feeling if we all risked a little more in living God’s love the world might look more like that love that has conquered death.

Jarrod McKenna is not 100% sure what to put in a bio at the mo but is seeking to live God’s love with his wife Teresa, son Tyson. Watch how this whole thing unfolds here on twitter.

About The Author


Jarrod McKenna is the co-founder of First Home Project, a community welcoming, housing and “giving a hand up not a hand-out” to recently arrived refugees. He is also the Teaching Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Perth, was a part of initiating the #LoveMakesAWay movement, and is an award-winning nonviolent social change trainer, working primarily in the Middle East and Eastern Europe when not at home.

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