Louis C.K. on Our Neighbor’s Bowl and What “Fair” Is

Louis CK

BY: CHRISTIAN PIATT — One unlikely wonderful source for material as of late for me has been the show “Louie,” by comedian…

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Red Letter Christianity vs. The Prosperity Theology

Shutterstock 113654413

BY: TONY CAMPOLO — Jesus does not promise prosperity. He tells us that the servant is not…

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Does Government Assistance Discourage Private Charity?

Government Assistance

A couple of months ago my brother, the Reverend Doctor Jim Robinson, posted a blog titled “Hard Work vs. Government …

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A Year of Biblical Womanhood: Playful, Earnest God-Wrestling with Rachel Held Evans

Biblical Womanhood

BY: MORGAN GUYTON — As an evangelical Christian growing up in the deep South, Rachel Held Evans was surrounded…

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Red Letter’s Response to Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy 26

BY: RLC EDITOR — Red Letter Christians has teamed up to support the Fuller Center for Housing in their relief efforts…

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Emergent Christian Cliches to Avoid


BY: CHRISTIAN PIATT — I offer you a list of things emergent Christians can and should strike from our daily lexicon…

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