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2013 was a record year for Red Letter Christians! We received over 2.1 million pageviews (nearly double 2012: 1.08 million pageviews). Included over 75 authors from 7 different countries on four continents. And debuted a brand new series called The Red Carpet, highlighting brilliant ways practitioners around the world are living out the Red Letters.

For those readers, like myself, who enjoy numbers, here are a few more stats from 2013:

  • The majority of people access the site on their desktop via Chrome (35%), then Firefox (22%), then Safari (19.5%)
  • Average time on the site was 2:16
  • Average pages viewed per visit was 1.73
  • And the most visitors from one city was 9, 824, from London.

And in case you missed them throughout the year (or just want to read them again), here are the 5 posts you really don’t want to miss from 2013. They generated the most traffic, conversation, and discussion:

5. Steve Chalke Drops the Bomb in Support of Committed, Faithful, Same-sex Relationships – by Tony Campolo

4. RIP, Rob Bell – by Michael Kimpan (in response to Rob Bell’s statement supporting gay marriage)

3. The F Word – written Anonymously, by an individual who doesn’t feel they can come out safely

2. Now on the Red Carpet: Katie Davis – a beautiful interview with 25-year-old Katie who has adopted 13 Ugandan girls and is currently living with them in Uganda – by Margot Starbuck

1. What if Jesus Meant All That Stuff? – a letter from Shane Claiborne to all his “non-believing, sort-of-believing, and used-to-be-believing friends”

Thanks for an amazing year! See you in 2014!

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