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OK, so imagine you had this great idea to help people all over the world to do something really meaningful on 9/11/11 and just four weeks to pull it off?

Actually, you don’t need need to imagine anything.  You DO have a great idea, a seriously great idea, right here and now.  We all do!  Now we just need to work together to turn that idea into an even greater reality.

Think about it: Wouldn’t it be great if 9/11became a day to reach across your boundaries to connect with ‘the other’, the way Martin Luther King Day has become a day for community service?  We won’t get all the way there this year, but people all over the world – and especially in the USA – are beginning to move in that direction.  Our 9/11 Walks are part of that movement…and recruiting people to organize them is my part.

Please help me out by going to www.911Walks.org and organizing a walk in your neighborhood. It doesn’t have to be anything big and fancy, just you and a few of your friends calling up a nearby congregation of a different kind to see if a few of them will come out to walk and talk kindly with you on that afternoon.

The 9/11 Walks website makes it easy to get involved, and easier still to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.  COME ON…HELP A BROTHER OUT!

Do I seem desperate here? Good, because that is just how I feel. Desperate, needy…and totally inspired!

So go ahead, organize a walk!  Call or email a friend and share the idea.  Tell your spouse.  Tell your dog.  Something is happening out there…but people need to see it!

Four weeks doesn’t seem long enough to start a movement, but it is plenty of time for you to organize a neighborhood walk where strangers can become friends for the sake of peace.  And for me to do it, too.  And him over there.  And her a few towns over.  And her cousin too.

Get the idea?

Bart Campolo is the USA and International Coordinator of 9/11 Walks

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