taking the words of Jesus seriously

Gracious and Eternal God:
You are the God and Father of our Lord and Savior,
Jesus, the Christ.

Lord God, I thank You for Your grace and Your mercies;
And I thank You that Your faithfulness is everlasting;
enduring the tests of trials and tribulations that
we must endure because of life’s challenges,
and the subtle oppositions that we face throughout our lifetimes.

Lord God, and I thank You, that Your love does not vacillate.
Your love remains steadfast, unmovable,
and always abounding,
unchanged by the multitude of our faults.

Father-God, I lift up those among us that are afflicted with mental illness,
and even demonic possession.
Though we ourselves may not be able to discern the difference,
Your Spirit can!
I pray for these, O Lord God,
that You will loose them from these binding and tormenting oppressions,
and that You will deliver them back unto their families and communities,
free and clothed in their right minds.

Father-God, and I pray for men and women, boys and girls,
that are incarcerated everywhere.
That there will be reformations and restorations
and that this mass incarceration machine may be brought down!
And that this wicked industry, and this vile business,
will be stopped!

I pray also, Father, for those of us that are on death row,
the most crucial of this vile business because of politics.
I pray that You will make a full end of it, O God, and bring to pass your own Word,
“…to deliver those that are appointed to death…” (Psalm 79:11)

Finally, Father,
I pray for Your people (the Church)
that You will stir up in us, O God,
a fire and a compassion for the incarcerated,
and those of us on death-row.
That being led by Your Spirit;
the Church and the Pastors,
may take their place, “the lead,”
in the charge for reforms and restorations.
For so have You ordained for us to do.
That Your compassion and Your mercy, and Your glory
may fill the whole earth.
In the name of Your Holy Son, Jesus,
I pray and I thank You Father,
Amen and Amen.

About The Author

Rev. Kevin Burns is an associate pastor of Franklin Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee, and has been on death row for 25 years at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution. There, he is known as Pastor KB, where he pastors The Church of Life, a church for the men on death row, led by the men on death row.

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