The Tender Hope of Kneeling


What tender hope we’re invited into. When we practice confession in our work for justice, we find freedom to work for the healing of others at the same time we are healed.

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Faith & Hope 5 Years After Haiti Earthquake


Every day as so many people keep working with hope to make better lives and change their own country, I find that my tattered hope keeps getting resurrected.

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What Do You Want to Shape Your Soul?

What Do You Want To Shape Your Soul Kent Annan

MAY 21, 2014 | BY: KENT ANNAN — The rain roars down. That season has arrived. The rain might as well be tears, drenching hundreds…

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A Post-Disaster Reflection on Easter: “This is my body, broken for you”

Kent Annan Haiti Earthquake Easter

APRIL 20, 2014 | BY: KENT ANNAN — This Easter Sunday, we remember one of Kent’s reflections from the months right…

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Poverty Is a Moral Problem: Why Bill Gates & Rick Warren Don’t Have All the Answers

Poverty Is A Moral Problem

APRIL 10, 2014 | BY: KENT ANNAN — I think we need rebalancing. A large share of the effort has been going to direct technical…

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Amongst Sex Tourists, Slum-Dwellers, and New Friars: My Trip to Bangkok

Bangkok New Friars

SEPT 26, 2013 | BY: KENT ANNAN — Standing in line in Bangkok’s gleaming airport, I pass a smarmy man in his 60s who looks like a star…

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3rd Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake…Remembering with Hope

Haiti Partners

BY: KENT ANNAN — Three years after the Haiti earthquake, our hearts break still, For those whose wounds of loss won’t heal…

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