Expanding Our Understanding of a Christian’s Duty

Ultimately, there is an urgent need to transition to renewable energy that prioritizes public health for frontline communities, women and children, communities of color and workers for whom the current energy economy has impacted their health and livelihood. But we cannot make progress unless we see this as part of our Christian duty. I’m clear that it is; I invite you to join me in expanding our understanding of what we are called to do today, tomorrow and into the future.

Meet the first minister of gun violence prevention

“The mass shootings capture our attention because it could be us. The randomness feels so much worse as opposed to the one child that gets ahold of a gun or the one that gets shot by a drive-by shooting. Those, oftentimes, we’ve become numb to, and we’ve just expected them to be normal, but it’s not. It’s not normal,”

The Small, Deadly Love of White Mothers

"...it is the nice, Christian mothers like me who are often the quickest to question the means and motives of good faith activism in defense of the Black right to breathe. Despite our professed passion for protecting the sanctity of life, killing is exactly what we do. We kill when we choose our own “safety” over the safety of others."