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Challenging Power and Privilege with The Alternative Seminary

A ten-week online study of the Gospel of Luke

Thursday evenings, April 21st – June 23rd, 2022

7:00pm – 9:00 pm Eastern Time

Is Good News for the poor Bad News for many of us in North America?

The Gospel of Luke, addressed to “Most Excellent Theophilus,” was written for a mixed community that included many socially privileged members who were enjoying the benefits of empire – which means it is perhaps the most relevant Gospel to the North American church.  This ten-week study will explore how Luke directly challenges systems of power and privilege, while inviting the powerful and privileged out of Empire to the Beloved Community of the reign of God.  We will look at specific themes of Luke’s theology, including social reversals, inclusion of sinners and enemies, forgiveness and mercy, and many radical teachings on money and possessions.  This will be an intensive course that will wrestle with many deeply challenging texts – especially for people of privilege – and how they challenge us on what it means to live out the reign of God in the midst of American empire and White supremacy today.

This course will be facilitated by Will O’Brien, coordinator of The Alternative Seminary.  The cost for this course will be $100 (or whatever you can afford).

Registration is required. You can register at this link: GospelofLuke2022

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION IS APRIL 13.  SPACE IS LIMITED. Find more information on Facebook.

If you have any questions, please contact Will O’Brien at [email protected] or 267-339-8989.

The Alternative Seminary is a program of biblical and theological study and reflection designed to foster an authentic biblical witness in the modern world.  For more information, see www.alternativeseminary.net.


Apr 21 2022


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm