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It’s been two months since the #LynchburgRevival, but the media coverage continues to roll in! Most recently, a New York Times article about the revival introduced thousands of new folks across the country to the Red Letter Christian movement. Our staff have been deeply encouraged by the waves of support that have come in to affirm this mission of pursuing Jesus and justice. With permission, we are delighted to share a few of these messages with you. We pray they become a source of hope and encouragement to you as well.

For all the ways you have blessed us, may you also be blessed by Greg Fromholz’s newly released short film about the #LynchburgRevival. It truly captures what the Red Letter Christians movement is all about. Thank you for your continued support and contributions which make our work possible.

“Just found out about your movement through an article in the NY Times. What a blessing to know there are others out there who share my thoughts and beliefs! God bless you, and may He let your voice be heard all over the country!” LM (Southern Ocean County, NJ)


“I just learned about your existence today. In a word, I have a complicated relationship with Christianity. I am a former minister (Dallas Theological Seminary graduate) turned atheist and now attorney. Though I left my faith, I still cherish those red letters. Keep up the work you are doing. You have more impact than you know.” Anonymous


“I’m a little old lady on Social Security. I wish it were more, and that I could do it monthly. But I’ve just read of your work which gives voice to what I have been saying for the past year plus. What ever happened to ‘What would Jesus do?’ Much better than the greed, corruption, and hatred that surrounds us now. PLEASE keep up your good work!” Gail Heinsohn (New Lebanon, NY)


“I was just reading an article on Shane. I am surprised to hear of his approach to the gospel of Christ and the Red Letter Christians. This movement is exactly what God told me about. For many years I have searched from church to church for the place I belong. None seemed to carry the path that God told me to walk. Until today. God bless Shane and any other folks out there practicing the humanity of Christ. It is refreshing and gives hope to see and hear about a man who sews his own clothes and lives among the poor in the streets. I have always said that when Jesus returns it will not be on the steps of a news station, or within the pews of a church…but from within the gutters of the streets where those who need his love will receive it. Thank you, Shane. Keep up the gospel. Amen.” Nathan Panell (Sacramento, CA)


“We no longer attend church. We are alone here, save for Jesus Christ, in our beliefs. And truth be told, it has been so bad, I have been so buffered, seen the hatred in so many ‘Christian’ eyes toward those who need food stamps or Medicaid that there have been moments that I have wondered if my faith has been misplaced all these years.

How much of a blessing it was, then, to read that article. I am blessed to know that there are others who feel the same way who are quietly praying and voting and working. I am blessed to be reminded that He will make a way in His time, and when the stage is set He will use me in conjunction with others to do His good work and to minister to the sick and the lost and the poor. I am blessed to say with confidence that my God is mighty and loving and true and that He still moves among His people. I will pray for your ministry every day. I will tithe to your ministry starting next week. I thank God for you and your courage and faithfulness to Him.”  Anonymous


“Thank you for reading and living the red letters. What would Jesus do? He would certainly not enrich the rich and impoverish the poor, would not separate families, nor instill hate! Thank you for standing up for Jesus!” Wendy Matthews


“Just read about you online. I have been horrified at the support that right wing evangelicals are giving to Trump. Just wanted to say that I’m glad there are still Christians who care about the marginalized and have balls enough to go against the tide. 45 has not made America great again. I will pray for all of you.” — Barbara (Covina, CA)


“I have been listening to Tony & Shane’s podcast regularly for a few months now (I’ve made it up to October 2017; don’t tell me what happens next!) and while I’m reluctant to declare myself a Christian for many reasons, I am still deeply appreciative of all that you do for true justice and peace in the world and all the wisdom and guidance you impart.

I saw your post on Facebook about this being a financially critical time and I would be deeply saddened if RLC was unable to fulfill its goals. I am a full-time university student with six-figure debt and currently unemployed, so I can’t give monthly yet although I’d love to. Hope this helps! Thanks for being a ray of light and love in the world. You inspire me to be the most that I can be.” — Caitlin Fikes

About The Author


Don previously served as the executive director of RLC and has worked in leadership at World Vision, World Relief, and Mars Hill Bible Church. He co-wrote "Jesus Wants to Save Christians" with Rob Bell.

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