taking the words of Jesus seriously

How might our contemplation during Lent be transformed if we kept these two often forgotten realities at the forefront:

  • Resurrection = God’s new world is underway
  • The Cross is how God’s kingdom comes

This Lent I’d like to invite you to join me with youth in over 75 countries taking part in the Live Life journey. I’ve been asked to share, in 4 videos over the next 6 weeks, reflections on fasting, prayer and service. It’s my hope that this side of the Resurrection we might see the life and violent death of our Lord, as God’s nonviolent victory over the Powers and the launch of God’s new world underway. Only then might our Easter be as dangerous as the first.

You can get started with Live Life this Lent at www.worldvisionyouth.org

All videos will eventually be posted here together.

Lord, this Lent may we undergo your love, pick up our cross and walk in the Resurrection.


Jarrod McKenna is amazed by grace. A peace award winning nonviolence trainer and activist, Jarrod is now World Vision Australia’s National Advisor on Youth, Faith & Activism.  Jarrod with his amazing wife and son Teresa and Tyson, are three of 17 people living at First Home Project; an innovative community welcoming, housing and empowering refugees. Follow him on twitter here.

About The Author


Australian pastor and social change educator, Jarrod McKenna, has been described by Rev. Jim Lawson, as “an expert in nonviolent social change.” Jarrod is the Founding Director of CommonGrace.org.au, a co-initiator of the #LoveMakesAWay movement for refugee rights and is a co-founder of the global GazaCeasefirePilgrimage.com movement. Jarrod pastors with Steeple Church in Melbourne and Table in the Trees in Perth, and is the co-founder of the InVerse Podcast and Collective with Dr Drew Hart. He is living on Wadjuk Noongar land, found on most maps as Perth, Australia, with the love of his life Kathleen and their boys.

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