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Some of you are aware and some are not… another summer gathering is in the works – PAPA Festival 2011 on June 16-19th. Past gatherings in 2006 and 2008 went well with much laughter, play and learning. After a bit of rest, the PAPA Fest has enthusiastically emerged again.

This will be the third summer gathering of a dynamic group of Christians and others coming together to celebrate, support, and empower one another. Over a thousand folks from across the country will be camping out in a field about an hour and a half outside of Philadelphia.

We will be building a celebratory village, sharing skills with each other, going for walks in the woods, resting, playing, learning in workshops, singing and making music together. Motivated by the Spirit of God, folks foster the development of do-it-yourself, earth-sustaining, and relationship-building skills that they are challenged to take home and live out in everyday life.

This years gathering will be arranged like the others. Morning sessions will be geared toward teaching, studying and discussing topics like theology, community and parenting. The afternoons will have skill-sharing workshops and how-to sessions where folks can explore anything from knitting and bike repair to drumming and gardening. In the evenings, there will be music and dance performances from various friends.

This festival is unique because it is completely volunteer-run and donation-based. Because of this, the gathering relies on shared work and is available to everyone regardless of their resources.

Be sure to check out the website at: www.papafestival.org. Registration is open and since space is limited, you may want to register as soon as possible to guarantee you get a spot. Mark your calendar and join the festivities!

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