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All too frequently, Christian activists at both ends of the political spectrum see power as the primary instrument for saving the world. “If we just had the power,” they say, “we could set everything right.” I want to say to them, “I wonder why Jesus didn’t think of that?”

The world’s most pressing problems — the degradation of God’s creation, economic instability, systemic inequality, perpetual war — demand solutions. Shouldn’t the urgency of these issues compel us to grab every tool at our disposal…even power? Or should we reject political, economic, and religious might in favor of the “weakness” of love? Anyone who is passionate about setting right the world’s many injustices must wrestle with these questions.

In Choose Love, Not Power, scholar and activist Tony Campolo examines Jesus’ life to uncover a “theology of power” for His followers today. Dr. Campolo writes, “Jesus chose a harder way. He chose the way of the cross. He would save the world not through power, but through sacrificial love.” This is a guidebook for a Church that has struggled for centuries to follow the Savior’s example. Are you ready to choose the harder way?

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