taking the words of Jesus seriously

With the recent headlines, is it any wonder why the world may think that Christians seem to always want to run or hide or take the easy way out?

When the “rapture” prediction, bill boards and post-apocalyptic-pet-care-businesses started popping up everywhere, I began to wonder, why am I so ready to escape rather than serve? It feels like placards,  amendments and full page ads are arms-length solutions to hands-on problems.

For some reason I can see Jesus fighting off the body snatching beam of light offering a “skip ahead 2 spaces while everyone else loses a turn” proposal. Why would I leave at the moment Jesus would show up? It is in times like these that I get to be love, light, salt, a sweet aroma (fill in your favorite biblical metaphor here _____________________ ).

I watch my children and I see the gospel in action. If a kid is new, left out or forgotten – they are the ones to invite them in. If someone is lost or seems confused or is carrying a burden too heavy – they take the time to help. If a friend did not have a lunch or needed a place to stay that afternoon or could not pay for group activity – my kids would find a way to share. I forget that a dollar to a kid who has two…is still half of what they have.

This childlike faith inspires me to see the opportunities right in front of me, no matter what the date.

Spencer Burke is the creator of www.TheOOZE.com, host of ThinkFWD and the author of many books including: Making Sense of Church and A Heretic’s Guide to Eternity.

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Spencer Burke explores his passion for arts, technology, and the church in both the written and spoken word. Spencer now serves as the founder and executive director of Hatchery LA – a residential incubator for common cause communities based in Los Angeles, CA. Spencer and his family live in Newport Beach, CA.

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