The Red Letter Revival is about Jesus. The name hearkens back to the old Bibles that highlighted the words of Jesus in red.

Jesus is simply the lens through which we understand the Bible and the world we live in. He is the word made flesh, showing us what God’s love looks like with skin on.

We grieve the fact that one of the biggest obstacles to Christ is us — Christians — when we proclaim Jesus with our mouths but betray him with our actions.

No one is perfect, but too often we Christians have pretended to be. We’ve become known more for who we’ve excluded than for who we’ve embraced, more for what we’re against than what we’re for. We have taken our eyes off Jesus — and focused on things Jesus didn’t focus on and forgotten things Jesus never forgot. This revival is about seeking God together for a Christianity that acts like Jesus again.

We are political but not partisan. We are concerned about the state of our country and about the decisions we Christians make in the public square. We care about the things Jesus cares about — like welcoming the stranger, caring for the sick, visiting the imprisoned, sharing food with the hungry… the things Christ said we do for him when we do them for the least in our world.

It was Frederick Douglass who once said, “Between the Christianity of this land, and the Christianity of Christ, I recognize the widest possible difference.” We need God to help us overcome this divide.


As Jesus taught us to pray, we want to see the kingdom come “on earth as it is in heaven.” God’s vision for the world — we want to see God’s kingdom come — from Lynchburg, VA to Los Angeles, CA — and everywhere in between.

Whether you love Christianity or hate it, whether you are over-churched or un-churched, you are welcome to the Red Letter Revival.