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A regular RLC reader sent in their thoughts on the landmark same-sex marriage cases before the Supreme Court today and tomorrow. We are publishing their thoughts with their permission:

SCOTUS — What today means to me.


I’m proud that the Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to listen to the cases that have the potential to impact marriages in our country. What it means to me personally is a realization that perhaps we haven’t been fair in treating all our citizens with equality under the law. Earlier in my life I married the person to whom I was in love. I was employed by Southern Baptist organizations that worked with churches. You could say that I was an “insider.”  That was before I was honest with myself and my then spouse. Now years later, I find that I’m the same person I always have been – with the same social security number and same sex as I was born.  However, because I’m honest with myself, and yes, even at peace with God, I can’t marry the person to whom I love, because I am gay.  Thank you Supreme Court for listening to the two cases this week on marriage and for considering the value of marriage for all people.

What do you think about the SCOTUS hearing arguments over same-sex marriage?

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