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It was Wittgenstein who noted the importance of clickbait for the internets. To quote him, “You’ll never believe what happens when you click this.”


Wittgenstein also noted the important connection between humour and philosophy when he said that a serious and good philosophical work could be written that would consist entirely of jokes.


I think that guy was onto something.


As was pastor and activist Jarrod McKenna when he sat down for a comedically-charged discussion with beloved Australian comedian and TV personality Wil Anderson on everything from the Resurrection, to the Dark Knight, to his life-changing work at First Home Project and the Love Makes A Way movement.


The podcast, aptly titled “Wilosophy”, is the exact stuff we need more of right now – intelligent and respectful discussion between two individuals from different sides of the track. Not only that, but it’s pretty funny, too. Which is what will have you listening to the whole discussion despite originally setting out to have “just a quick listen.”


Here’s some quote that stay with me:


“I don’t believe in God myself but I feel we throw out all the good stuff… the story of Jesus I love.”


“You remind me of a white Richard Prior.”



“I’m trying to confess in public and do good in private.”


“The Gospel is the reversal of zombie movies. Not the living dead but the dead living.”


“Where I grew up people where so homophobic as a straight kid I needed the “It’ll be ok” campaign.”


“Bill Cosby was a comedian and I don’t endorse anything there! Is it hard if this Jesus thing is your whole life and the things that get done in his name?”


“The first job I ever wanted to be is a priest…”


“Well, I don’t love my enemies like I love my wife.”


“Jesus isn’t like Batman… but a nonviolent Joker.”


A pastor and a comedian sit down for a chat: it’s the premise of a good joke and, as it turns out, the basis for a pretty interesting discussion, too.


In conclusion, enjoy.


Megan Green is somewhere in the middle of a PhD investigating, amongst other things, humorous elements of the Gospel. She occasionally cracks a joke herself.


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