taking the words of Jesus seriously

Sixty percent is a supermajority,
who took time out of their busy schedules,
who needed to make a statement,
who wanted to leave a legacy,
who knew exactly how and where lines must be drawn.

So much good could be done with sixty percent:
sixty percent whose lives say Jesus,
sixty percent who love mercy most,
sixty percent who give ten percent,
out of which ninety percent goes to the ones who cannot repay.

Imagine if sixty percent came every Sunday,
if sixty percent were eager to help,
if sixty percent spent all of their efforts
searching for people who needed a hug.

What if God had sixty percent
whose greatest concern was chasing down the other forty,
who wanted love to always be the last word,
who could breathe only peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control?

What if sixty percent chose beauty to be their power?

Morgan Guyton is the associate pastor of Burke United Methodist Church in Burke, Virginia, and a Christian who continues to seek God’s liberation from the prison of self-justification Jesus died to help him overcome. Morgan’s blog “Mercy Not Sacrifice” is located at http://morganguyton.wordpress.com. Follow Morgan on twitter at https://www.twitter.com/maguyton.

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About The Author


Morgan Guyton is a United Methodist elder and campus minister who leads the NOLA Wesley Foundation at Tulane and Loyola in New Orleans, Louisiana with his wife Cheryl. He released his first book in April, 2016: How Jesus Saves the World From Us: 12 Antidotes To Toxic Christianity. He blogs at www.patheos.com/blogs/mercynotsacrifice and has contributed articles to the Huffington Post, Red Letter Christians, Think Christian, Ministry Matters, the United Methodist Reporter, and other publications. Morgan grew up in a moderate Baptist family in the aftermath of the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention. His mother’s people are watermelon farmers from south Texas while his father’s people are doctors from Mississippi, which left Morgan with a mix of redneck and scientific sensibilities. Morgan’s greatest influence as a pastor was his grandpa, a Southern Baptist deacon who sometimes told dirty jokes to evangelize his grandson. From his grandpa, Morgan learned the value of irreverence as a pastoral tactic and the way that true holiness is authenticity. Morgan used to have a rock band called the Junior Varsity Superheroes, but after becoming a father, he turned to electronic dance music, which he performs every summer at the Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, North Carolina. In his spare time, he likes to throw basement dance parties with his sons Matthew and Isaiah.

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