Good News About Tony

In the meantime, it continues to be a delight for us to read the emails, cards and notes you send to Tony. Many begin with something like, “You don’t know me, but…” or “You probably don’t remember me, but 30 years ago…,” followed by a story about how something Tony did or said or wrote made a positive difference in the life of the writer.

We are Red Letter Christians

I began working for Tony Campolo almost five years ago. I was a student at Eastern University and needed an on-campus job that could help subsidize the food and fun portion of college. I had heard Tony speak al...
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Hunger Fast: The Call for Justice

“When I walked outside people, thinking I was a doctor, began handing me their dead children. Within minutes I watched 25 children die.” These were the opening words of Ambassador Tony Hall from within the...
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Entrepreneurs for Biblical Justice

In a garage turned into a mini-factory located in a slum on the edge of Santo Domingo, a half-dozen women are singing hymns as they work alongside each other.  These women are the owners of a micro-business th...