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I may have popularized the term, “formerly fundie”, but Frank Schaeffer was living it out waaaay before I got here.

I had been a fan of Frank long before I ever started writing, and never imagined that Frank himself would become the one of the central people who would encourage me to have a seat at the table– but that’s what happened. If you know who I am today, it’s in large part because Frank Schaeffer was kind enough to let me stand on his shoulders for a moment. For his support and continued encouragement in my life, I will always be grateful.

Today, I’m still a big fan of Frank’s work, but I’m now also honored to say that he’s one of my friends.

Frank has written a lot of books, but his most recent is my absolute favorite. His new book,  Why I’m An Atheist Who Believes In God: how to give love, create beauty and find peace is one I think everyone will love. This book is a masterpiece of authenticity as Frank brings us into his own personal story, and invites us to sit together in the tension between faith and doubt, certainty and disbelief, and between life and death. Why I’m An Atheist Who Believes In God is a book that you’ll find yourself instantly connecting with– it will inspire you, challenge you, and most importantly, it will give you permission to set aside labels and facade in favor of just simply living authentically. This book is Frank Schaeffer in his most authentic form, and will lead you to embrace yours.

This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Frank at his home and talk to him about the book. I must admit, as I look back at the interview, I laugh at the irony: two guys famous for bashing fundamentalism end up talking affectionately about their fundamentalist pasts! Please, set aside a few minutes to watch the interview as you’ll see a side of Frank Schaeffer (and myself) that you may not be familiar with, as he invites you into his personal story while we explore “Why I’m An Atheist Who Believes In God”.

And when you’re done watching, you can get a copy of his book for FREE today and tomorrow only!

Enjoy both the interview and the free book– and please share! This offer is for today and tomorrow ONLY!

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