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There’s an unsettling of the spirit moving across the land — the culmination of years of religious Christian corruption. Good people everywhere are sensing it deep within. What for many has been a growing source of suspicion is now becoming a certainty. A time of emerging clarity is upon us as the curtains are drawn open and the true wizard is revealed. Yet, there will be no clicking of the heels to save us now. For the American dream is being diabolically hijacked into the conservative evangelical scheme — God help us all.

In my estimation, there is truly no greater evil being wielded upon the earth. The false gospel of evangelical Christianity has long been eroding our society, creating spiritual junkies, and asserting a white, male, heterosexual imperialism and privilege into every segment of our living. Its prescriptions for sin management only serve to further increase it, leaving good people spiritually strung out, hypocritical, self-righteous, and addicted to the poison, not the cure. With an insistence upon believing that God is angry, vengeful, and condemning of a sin-ladened humanity, followers spiritually justify a self-deputization to police society as they live out their perceived calling to convert the world to their privileged ideology — lest we all burn in hell.

No matter the nobility of some with their good intentions and heart, the true aspirations, pursuits, and passions of much of conservative evangelical Christianity are not true freedom and equality for all, but religious power and control for them. In their minds and hearts, the ushering in of the Kingdom of God is, in reality, the ushering in of a white, male, heterosexual, conservative evangelical dominance in all places and things.

This is the real cataclysmic spiritual battle being waged all around us that is now infiltrating and threatening the future of our country like never before. For what is the greatest obstacle to the full fruition of white, male, heterosexual, conservative, evangelical dominance? A nation founded and anchored upon the sure premise that true equality, dignity, and freedom is for all, by divine design and sanction.

For no one desires to commandeer the American flag, hijack our Constitution, and fashion Jesus into the hood ornament of their world bulldozer more than white, male, heterosexual, right-wing, conservative, evangelical Christianity. In fact, the truth is, “Make America Great” is evangelical code for “Make America Ours.” And not just America — the entire world.

The underlying reason why racism still lives and thrives, sexism remains rampant, homophobia and transphobia increases, kneeling for the national anthem is rendered a deplorable crime, the drums of war keep pounding, public school systems are being undermined, human rights are being dismissed, churches raise the Christian flag above our national flag, wars on drugs are declared that end up disproportionately imprisoning the black population and using them for free labor is so that foundational Christian morals and values can be conveniently suspended in order to elect a white, male, heterosexual, evangelical-supporting president. And conservative Christians are charged with the mandate to assert their faith and values into every sector of society in order to win dominance.

All of this is for one purpose and one purpose alone — the full fruition of a white, male, heterosexual, conservative, evangelical Christian empire, even to the destruction of America and beyond.

All this talk about sin, Jesus, morality, truth, biblical faithfulness, fairness, and societal health coming from right-wing, conservative, Christianity — don’t be fooled and bite from the dark fruits dangling off their tree. It’s all smoke and mirrors to disguise the real agenda hissing in the shadows.

For if it were all about Jesus, sin, hell, and scriptural faithfulness, conservative evangelical Christianity would be fully immersed and passionately engaged in all things opposite of what we see so many of them pursuing. And most of all, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, imperialism, bigotry, violence, white privilege, greed, and self-righteousness would be rendered the greatest of sins and cease to be legitimized within American Christianity, resulting in it all becoming largely dismantled in our society.

Yet that day is not here and likely not forthcoming. For the tenets of true freedom, divine dignity, and equality for all, upon which this nation was birthed, are the ultimate obstacles to conservative evangelical Christianity’s battle to take the hill and lord itself over our country.

Perhaps nothing is more repulsive to the evangelical religious system than people living free to believe, worship, and pursue happiness outside of their control and without compliance to their creeds — especially those who in doing so would foster the dismantling of white, male, heterosexual, conservative, evangelical power and privilege.

In contrast, a brown-skinned Jewish-born Jesus was crucified for bringing a scandalous message and manifestation of true divinity that levels the playing field for all. For grace is the great equalizer — none are better, only different — no matter your color, creed, orientation, gender, age, or status. Everyone is valued equally, all are given freedom completely, and no one is left condemned, unaccepted, or without affirmation, dignity, and community. Our best and worst performances are rendered powerless to sway the hands of God as our wholeness and purity before Her are irrevocably secured.

Love is the very nature of God, and grace is the only way of true life. Faith is merely awakening to grace by the power of Christ’s faith within us. For Jesus came to destroy the ways of power, control, discrimination, violence, greed, and self-righteousness that empower the religious spirit which so easily seduces us all — emptying Himself completely to reveal our true beauty and capacity to embrace what unites, heals, and connects us all: Love.

As it was in the beginning, it is now most assuredly. The very same unconditional love that brings heaven to the broken and emancipation to the captive feels like hell to the religious, sending them into tailspins of furiously frustrated angst and rebellion — willing to crucify Jesus yet again wherever His truth threatens their empire.

For the greatest menace to the conservative evangelical machine that seeks to overrun our planet is the emergence of true freedom and equality for all. That Jesus loves all, redeems all, embraces all, affirms all, and blesses all with heaven’s unlimited supply of equality and freedom is their greatest fear, trigger, and vulnerability — rendering their monstrous system of faith to be impotent, fraudulent, and devoid of true life. That’s why nearly every conservative evangelical interpretation of scripture, personification of God, and assertion in society is desperately bent on diluting and covering up this revelation of grace and its manifestation upon the earth, and quickly replacing it with a conditional, religious, self-righteous brand of believing — not because they are lovers of truth, but because they are worshippers of power.

Connect the dots, look beyond the obvious, and engage in spiritual discernment with the mind of Christ. Theological, spiritual, moral, and religious error, sleight of hand, and brainwashing of this magnitude are never achieved unintentionally.

Grace is brave. Be brave.

This article was adapted from Chris’ blog

About The Author


Chris Kratzer is a pastor of 22 years, having served mainly conservative churches until his life-changing transformation away from evangelical Christianity a few years ago. Upon coming out to his congregation as an LGBTQ affirming pastor, Chris began writing. Overnight, his new found love for words flourished and his voice began to be heard across the world. His blog at www.chriskratzer.com focuses on the gospel of grace, calling out the evils of evangelical Christianity from within the shadows, and being a voice of solidarity with and for the religiously oppressed. Residing in NC, Chris is married to his wife Amy and together they have four children.

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