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RedLetterChristians.org is a Christian-based website and blog that attracts thousands interested in current events, social justice, and how to live out one’s faith in their own backyard.

Red Letter Christians is led by Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne. Tony’s ministry spans over 50 years, and he is one of the few evangelists to bridge the political divide between the Left and the Right. Shane is a sought-after speaker and author, consistently calling people to follow Jesus in a radical, counter-cultural lifestyle.

Coupled with Tony and Shane’s voices are the voices of hundreds of other Red Letter Christian speakers and authors. In many ways, RedLetterChristians.org is the one-stop site for any person interested in living out the radical words of Jesus in their everyday life.

Who reads RedLetterChristians.org?

Our site is read by a wide ranging group of individuals. While approximately 77% of visitors are U.S. based, our audience is even on gender with about 41% of visitors between 35 and 49 years old. Given the diversity of authors and the nature of the content on RedLetterChristians.org, our readers span the theological and political spectrum. Red Letter Christians receives between 2,000 – 3,000 hits per day.

Ways to advertise with RedLetterChristians.org:

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Red Letter Catch Up (728×90): published bimonthly on Saturday, features top stories from the past two weeks. Nearly 8,000 subscribers: $75/newsletter (See sample newsletter)

 – Red Letter Wake Up (728×90): published every weekday morning featuring an inspirational quote, piece of scripture, and tangible way to live out your faith. Over 5,500 subscribers: $10/newsletter or 5 newsletters for $50 Monday-Friday (See sample newsletter)

We’re confident we can meet your advertising needs. Email elaina@redletterchristians.org to inquire about any of the above options, or to discuss your custom advertising proposal. We can work with any budget.