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Dear People of Faith,

Worldwide anti-racist protests against police brutality, racial violence, and systemic racism have mobilized hundreds of thousands of individuals and produced rapid and long-overdue change in many cities in just a little over a week. Sustained actions have resulted in the arrests and charges of those directly responsible for George Floyd’s murder; cities have committed to disbanding the police and restructuring law enforcement; use-of-force guidelines are being reformed and training tactics audited; confederate monuments have been removed; and conversations about deconstructing white supremacy are being had online and in public spaces more than ever before.

As it has for centuries, this world groans in labor pains. What will be birthed next is up to us.

We at Red Letter Christians say the names of those whose lives have most recently been stolen from us through police violence: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Sean Reed, Tony McDade. And we ask, with urgency: what are our faith communities doing to ensure that not one more child of God becomes a hashtag?

We are challenging clergy, faith leaders, worship musicians, and laypeople alike to sign this letter committing to not letting one more Sunday pass without addressing racism, white supremacy, and police brutality overtly from the pulpit, within your small groups, through your music, with your organizing/programming, and throughout your interpersonal conversations. With the signatures gathered here, we uphold that silence is violence, that Black Lives Matter, and that our physically Brown and politically Black savior calls us to build God’s good Kingdom within the shell of the old one.

Join us in raising your voices, in listening and learning, in showing up, in de-centering white voices, and in fighting for justice in the name of Jesus and on behalf of our Siblings of Color.

For a list of resources, please visit this article offered by Red Letter Christian Dominique Gilliard.  Also check out this worship song by Common Hymnal whose lyrics and chords are open for sharing among your communities.

Click here to sign the statement below. Signatures will be added each morning through Friday, June 19th.

I commit to not going one more Sunday without addressing racism, white supremacy, and police brutality among my community of faith with my words and actions.


Red Letter Christians


Britney Winn Lee, Louisiana, Red Letter Christians

Jeremy, North Carolina, Baptist

Carrie Husted, Colorado, Evangelical Christian

John Gallaher, Kentucky, Embrace Church (UMC)

Taylor Berglund, Florida

John Boyd, Colorado, St Mark’s Episcopal Church

Andrew Newman, Tennessee, Once Was Lost Ministry

Sarah L Weedon, Pennsylvania, St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Lewisburg

Morgan Studer, Indiana, New Joy Lutheran Church

Kate Kollman, Indiana

Blake A Severson, Illinois, South Park Presbyterian Church

Fernando Arroyo, Texas, Hope Fellowship Waco

Rev. Terry Williams, Ohio, Orchard Hill United Church of Christ

Anna Faith Adair, Georgia

E. O. Tree Palmer, Arizona, Jesus Follower

Paul Clutterbuck, New Zealand

Aaron P. Mulhollen, Washington DC, ELCA

Matthias Eichbauer, Germany, Treffpunkt an der Clemsnkirche

Linda Powell, Illinois, Bible Study

Barbara Exley, Georgia, Anglican  

John P. Morgan, Georgia, Greater Galilee Louisville

Frederick Gould, Florida

Stacey King, Idaho, Eagle Christian Church

Darrell Tiénou-Gustafson, Illinoise, Living Water Community Church Chicago

Ruth Goring, Illinois, Living Water Community Church Chicago

Stephen Lamb, Illinois, Living Water Community Church Chicago

Lea Tienou-Gustafson, Illinois, Living Water Community Church Chicago

Delite Eliason, Washington, Believers

Lorraine Stoll, Pennsylvania, Lancaster

Alan Nicely, Georgia, Tillman House

Rev. Nathan Empsall, Connecticut, Faithful America

Jill Brubaker, California

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