taking the words of Jesus seriously

There are many evangelicals — even among white evangelicals — who agree with the editor of Christianity Today, the top evangelical magazine, and want Donald Trump removed from office. As with the editor Mark Galli, we believe the impeachment hearings make clear that the president has gone too far with his lying and abuse of power.

We know the vast majority of white evangelicals will stand firm in supporting the president in spite of these moral failings, because they say that they like his policies. They are thrilled with his appointments of conservative judges to the courts, hoping these judges will support their “family values” on such matters as abortion and gay marriage. They endorse Trump’s policies toward Israel, especially his support for moving the capital of Israel to Jerusalem and of the prime minister’s desire to annex the West Bank. They even, for the most part, join him in denying global warming.

We Red Letter Christians, who go by this name because the teachings of Jesus in many Bibles are highlighted with red letters, differ from mainstream white evangelicals in that we claim that Trump’s policies often are contradictions to what Jesus actually taught.

We believe that giving huge tax breaks to the rich while cutting programs that help the poor is contrary to Jesus who had a preference for the poor. While we support the rights of the state of Israel, we also support the Palestinian people’s right to a state of their own, and do so in conjunction with the six million Arab Christians who live in the Middle East. We take seriously the Constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law and challenge the anti-democratic voter suppression efforts many politicians have embraced to cling to power. We take seriously the biblical mandate to be good stewards of God’s creation and join with those who are committed to saving the environment. We believe that the ethno-nationalism that is so evident in many of Trump’s pronouncements, especially about immigrants at our southern border, is diametrically opposed to what Jesus taught about treating aliens as we would Jesus himself.

It seems like duplicity that the same white evangelicals who sanctimoniously called for Bill Clinton’s resignation in light of his sexual indiscretions now look past the moral failures of this current president and affirm his claim that he is the “chosen” by God to lead our country.

When, during the Clinton years, we Red Letter Christians went into the Oval Office, we did so in order to call the president to repentance rather than to lay hands on him to give him a sign of divine ordination, as did some evangelical leaders.

We know that the overwhelming majority of white evangelical voters will again vote for Donald Trump, but in doing so they will hurt the reputations of their churches. We Red Letter Christians hope they will search their hearts and search the scriptures and do what is right, as God leads them.

For the sake of our nation’s integrity and the most vulnerable in our society, we call on fellow Red Letter Christians to support the current impeachment inquiry and removal of Donald Trump. Now is the time to shine the light of truth. Please join us in praying that the truth will be revealed and set us all free.

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Rev. Dr. Tony Campolo
Shane Claiborne
Lisa Sharon Harper

Rev. Dr. William Barber, II
Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
Rev. Sharon Risher

Carol McCoy Englewood, FL
Emilia Vargas South Elgin, IL
Eugene McCoy Englewood, FL
Jason Monsman Richmond Heights, OH
Peter Brown Seneca Falls, NY
Karola Parrett Ludington, MI
Susan Schmalzbauer Nixa, MO
Andrea Person Loveland, CO
Joanie Ratchford High Point, NC
Bryan Muecke Jamestown, NY
Lucy Z. Jones Santa Cruz, CA
Beth Davidson Hamilton, OH
Veronica Reignier Montreal, Canada
Jedediah Hanes Dickson, TN
Andrea Stone Louisville, KY
Ian Gilbert St. Louis, MO
Matthew Mina Ardmore OK
Rev. Joy Willard-Williford Melbourne, FL
Christopher O’Dell Long Beach, CA
John Cripe Downs, IL
David Fort Wayne, IN
Carlene Igras Vero Beach, FL
Michael McAleese Aurora, IL
Mony Neth Modesto, CA
Renae Erickson Lynden, WA
Christianne Clymer Philadelphia, PA
Deborah Wilder Saint Louis, MO
Melissa D. Gross Montross, VA
David Brown Charlotte, NC
Jennifer Nobles Jonesboro, AR
Rev. David Whitten Richmond, VA
William Smith Marshall, TX
Crystal Montalvo New York, NY
David Montalvo New York, NY
Lynn McCarthy Pittsboro, NC
Larry Frazier White Oak, TX
Kenneth Salem, OR
Carrie Husted Wellington, CO
Kevin Simpson Lonoke, AR
Melissa Simpson Lonoke, AR
Rev. Dr. Bret M. Widman Chicago, IL
Sharla Campbell Centennial, CO
Bill Wrobleski State College, PA
Betty Sue Watson Arnold, MO
Bev Brown Raleigh, NC
Scott McIntosh Sacramento, CA
Russell Purvis Charlotte, NC
Kristen McClendon Cabot, AR
Dianna Chaney Howard, OH
Brenda Stewart St. Paul, MN
Jonathan H. Harwell Orlando, FL
Jeff DeSelm Fort Wayne, IN
Susan Emery Irvine, CA
Rebecca Oaks Williamsport, PA
Joshua Staples Columbus, GA
Rev. Samuel J. Lopez Denver, CO
Chris Hawthorne Pittsburgh, PA
Randy Myers Tucson, AZ
Diana Hoglund Cuday, WI
Miriam J. Nard Lake Zurich, IL
Matthew Jones London, United Kingdom
Stephanie Cain Colfax, IN
Rev. Patricia Litten Fillmore, CA
Laurie Jorgensen Madison, WI
D. Milner Tampa, FL
Karin Hust Brea, CA
Susan Mayo Hendersonville, TN
Andrea Edwards Tampa, FL
Christopher Stahl Sunnyvale, CA
Hardy Haberman Dallas, TX
Thomas F. Filline Aurora, IL
Mary Filline Aurora, IL
Elizabeth Richardson Montgomery, AL
Rev. Susan Royle Toms River, NJ
Anne Tipton Altadena, CA
Stephanie Streckfus Abingdon, MD
Debra Aylmer Black Creek, GA
Randal Boyd Modesto, CA
Doug Vander Meulen Chicago, IL
Lisa Leeper The Villages, FL
Pastor Josh Avery Youngstown, OH
Rev. Kris Watson New York, NY
.Amy W Blairsville, GA
Jacqueline Mirsky West Milford, NJ
Beulah Gentry Lompoc, CA
Pastor Laura Beth Meier Richmond, MO
Carter Latendresse Portland, OR
Jan Walsworth Lansing, MI
Jim Olson Durango, CO
Steve Callahan Valatie, NY
Cheryl DiCiaccio Hopedale, MA
Troy Castle Marion, IN
Beth Dombek Glendale AZ
Cynthia E. Palmer Lakewood, OH
Shanon White Swartz Creek, MI
Casey Simpkins Suffolk, VA
Elizabeth Simpkins Suffolk, VA
Mark Harmanos Zelienople, PA
Brian Paterson St. Louis, MO
Laurel Bault Elgin, IL
Harmony Looper Aurora, CO
Priscilla Meeuwenberg Grand Rapids, MI
Lianna Rose Providence, RI
Therese Smith Clinton Township, MI
Jennifer Yarbrough St. Johns, FL
Jack Rose Providence, RI
J. Lynn Hughes Nashville, IN
Rev. Jon Chubb Phoenix, AZ
Vicki Miles South Bend IN
David Coker Ashland, NE
Jon Miller Athens, GA
Richard Bowles Edmond, OK
Amy Miller Athens, GA
Bobby Kennedy Colorado Springs, CO
Olga Brooks London, United Kingdom
Rev. Kim W. Chafee Virginia Beach, VA
Stacy M. Harrisburg, PA
Michelle Gill Tennessee
The Rukas Family Cave Creek, AZ
Annalee Hodges Nashville, TN
Desiree Freeman Fresno, CA
Rev Christopher Johnson Maple Valley, WA
Diana Williston Antlers, OK
Justin Hodges Nashville, TN
Jeremy Muse Chattanooga, TN
Margaret Poteet Olathe, KS
Sandra Moore Lexington, SC
Brenda J. Barnes Huntsville, AL
Alex Brouwer Grandview, WA
Scott Haynes Archdale, NC
Jill Warden Lancaster, CA
Courtney Bartlett Fargo, ND
Julie Bisgaard Clarksville, TN
Jennifer Perez Hacienda Heights, CA
Aaron Lee Davis Pacifica, CA
Sara Benedict Ontario Canada
Katie Stanek Denver, CO
Adam Hartig Cape Coral, FL
Julie Long Overseas Military
Charles Sauls Mansfield, TX
Kim Moore Louisville, KY
Kim Rice St. Paul, MN
Erica Berge Port Deposit, MD
Jeremy Kronmiller San Antonio, TX
Yvonne Frith Clearwater, FL
Stefani Ulibarri Woodburn, OR
Kristin Marcella Chavez Waukee, Iowa
Jake Baxter Chillicothe, OH
Becky Johnson Savage, MN
Tom Caves Kittanning, PA
Dave Johnson Savage, MN
Rev. Dr. Edgardo Rosado Philadelphia, PA
Kate Bilyeu Eugene, OR
Elizabeth Nestler Lebanon, NH
Michael Patno Hinesburgh, VT
Kari Luymes Grand Rapids, MI
Kristina Gray Counts Franklin, TN
Jeff Pearson Grand Island, NE
Scott Winkler Omaha, NE
Paul Schultz Schoharie, NY
Rob Stone Ann Arbor, MI
Lou Pfeffer West Palm Beach, FL
Penelope J. Stokes McCaysville, GA
Kim Prentice Gloucester, MA
Tony Harris Worcester, VT
Corinne Helena Oceanside, CA
Heather Bott Whitefish Bay, WI
Kris Hilburn Williams Dallas, TX
Pamela Larson Jacksonville, AR
Dr. Clark Roush York, NE
Collin Jensen Albuquerque, NM
Mike Wise Tucson, AZ
D. R. Leigh Chicago, IL
Alicia Portillo Yorba Linda, CA
Brian Foust San Francisco, CA
George Bollinger Elk Grove, CA
Carissa Yoder Sturgis, MI
Matt Rundio Scottsdale, AZ
Jim Jones San Jose, CA
Pastor Tim Stair Goshen, IN
Rob Newberg, OR
Ray Timmermans Hornell, NY
Steven Jones Gilbert, AZ
Kevin Penner Red Bluff, CA
Christine Poersch Concordia, KS
Gary D. Lehr Salt Lake City, UT
Jeff Henderson Laverne, CA
Christy Anderson Statesboro, GA
Cynthia F. Lehr Salt Lake City, UT
Jordan W. Indianapolis, IN
Steve Primrose Machesney Park, IL
Christian Rincon Nashville, TN
Kevin Carpenter West Fargo, ND
Tim & Carolyn Green Baraboo, WI
Tom Yamaguchi Berkeley, CA
Robyn Richards Clearwater, FL
Rev. James R. Blades Fresno, CA
Cynthia Bossi Wakefield, MA
Kimerley Day Hilbrich Cumberland, ME
Kym Himsel Chattanooga,  TN
Tobye David Winchester, VA
Emily Loftus Reno, NV
Christopher Rhodes Sanford, NC
Richard McCauley Cumberland, ME
Bernice McLennan Melrose, MA
Joe Carranza Auburn Hills, MI
Karen Miles Orangevale, CA
Steve Spiker Moraga, CA
Brian Shepherd Henderson, NV
Deborah J. Munson Cardenas San Antonio, TX
Lyn McCullough Livermore, CA
Jaime Cardenas Livingston, TX
Amy L. Hyder Knoxville, TN
Bethany A. Clanton Eugene, OR
Melody Jeffrey Virginia Beach, VA
Rachael A. Dahlen Eugene, OR
Tim Lockie Bozeman, MT
Hal Smith Phoenix, AZ
Sam Wilson Woodway, TX
Cody Baker Oklahoma City, OK
Barry Sheets West Carrollton, OH
Mary Rowe Rancho Cordova CA
Roger Lall Algonquin, IL
Lynne Smith Mechanicsburg, PA
Summer Wiggleston Columbia, SC
Bruce Wiggleston Columbia, SC
Laconia Stamford, CT
Deborah N Seattle, WA
Kelly Tietsort Tulsa, OK
James Hudson Burbank, CA
Jordan Schillings Jasper, FL
Linda Perkin Owosso MI
Alison Cooke Nashville, TN
Olivia Flint Oswego, NY
Eric Theiss Freshwater, CA
Matt Rundio Scottsdale, AZ
Wesley P. Wells Hazelwood, MO
Jennifer Ryan Denver, CO
Frank Lentz Harrisburg, PA
Brian Moll New York, NY
Karen Wivell Painesville, OH
Rev. Dorothy Scott Boulware Lancaster, PA
Rachel Cavanaugh New Prague, MN
Cheryl Kopec Tacoma, WA
Krista McGowan Mesa, AZ
Steve Holland, MI
Rev. William Johnson Indiana
Sheldon Vogt Kansas City, MO
Dianna Rankin Crozet, VA
Jesse Daily Portland, OR
Pastor George F. Nicholas Buffalo, NY
Jeff Ingraham Walker, MI
Rev. Nancy Amos Idaho Falls, ID
Angie Weaver Cambridge, OH
DG Montalvo Tyler, TX
Rev. Carrie Walker Nettles Piedmont, SC
Cynthia Rolka Grosse Pointe, MI
Brenda Hunten Stevenson Ranch, CA
Debra Thompson Phoenix, AZ
Jessica Sharp Greenville, SC
Adam Hege Blowing Rock, NC
Robert Sturr North Canton, OH
Jane Marsman Holland, MI
Kelly Sasser Durham, NC
Steve Kelly Chicago, IL
Sally Kirkpatrick Northport, ME
Julie Benson Deer Park, WA
Emma Diack Auckland, New Zealand
Rev. Chris Yarbrough Oklahoma City, OK
Michelle T Wailuku, HI
Gary Votour Columbia, SC
Eric Carter Phoenix, AZ
Barbara Ferrari Toledo, OH
Janet Fresno, CA
Nicole Flower Akron, OH
Kelly Byrnes Salt Lake City, UT
LB Gilbert Collierville TN
Scott Voyles Greenville, IL
Nikki Edrington Indianapolis, IN
Martin Bykowsky Jr Raleigh, NC
Jared Speight Albemarle, NC
Edward Bryant Saint Charles, MO
Michael Meade New Carlisle, OH
H. Jane Taylor Fort Worth, TX
Russell Davie Eugene, OR
Karen Norval Hilliard, OH
Rev. Dr. Kevin Riggs Franklin, TN
Christina Boise, ID
Laura Rhoades Wichita, KS
Susan Thomas Lawrence, KS
Douglas Vaughn Baltimore, MD
Callie Unruh Chandler, AZ
Sarah Samuelson Auburn, WA
Todd Schmeeckle Lincoln, NE
Mary Dwyer Toledo, OH
Michele Torchia Woodstown, NJ
Richard Feltman Woodstown, NJ
Lena Torchia Woodstown, NJ
Carol Frazier Nashville, TN
Nicholas Casey Newman Lake, WA
Brandon Peach Lebanon, PA
Bert Montgomery Starkville, MS
Nathan Klumpe Valparaiso, IN
Rev. Fred Harrell San Francisco, CA
Taylor Lyall Chicago, IL
Patricia Curry Shady Cove, OR
Ann Westendorf Hirt Dayton, OH
Monica Robinson Akron, OH
Stephanie Donachy Austin, TX
Aubrey Bell Sylva, NC
David Peck Tucson, AZ
Diane Swanson Winnsboro, SC
Lynne Graff-Headapohl Livonia, MI
John Headapohl Livonia, MI
Sarah Hille Nampa, ID
Emily Bueker St. Louis, MO
Lori H. Minneapolis, MN
Marge Pomykala Hoffman Estates, IL
Tom Pomykala Hoffman Estates, IL
Rev. Richard Alton Philadelplhia PA
Kelli Cobb Zillinger Columbus, KS
Joshua Rhoades Wichita, KS
Jill Jensen Santa Clarita, CA
Jodi Gatlin Lynnwood, WA
Janice Goldman Malvern, AR
Josephine A. Carlisle, PA
Myra Hilliard Lompoc, CA
Brian Shott Morganton,  NC
Connie Bruns Beavercreek, OH
Bill Carr Atlanta, GA
Tim Bruns Beavercreek, OH
TM Martin Delta, Canada
Herald Manjooran Inverness, IL
Sara Little Michigan City,  IN
Jean Treider Houston, TX
Jeannine Seery Staten Island, NY
Cristina Beacham Akron, OH
Ray Torrence Jr. Akron, OH
Joan Heinemam Red Wing, MN
Christine Piper Egg Harbor City, NJ
Rev. Dr. Langdon Hubbard Amherst, NY
Dr.Michael Gardner Leawood, KS
Lezley McDouall Tacoma WA
Cannon Flowers Dallas, TX
Rev Philip Long Tacoma, WA
Jadie Barringer Vero Beach, FL
Monica Walk Fond du Lac, WI
Jill Potter-Bonsell Springfield, OH
Wendy Baucom Charlottesville, VA
Tim Starkenburg Hoffman Estates, IL
Bonnie Murray Myrtle Beach, SC
Dwaine Davis Oak Ridge, TN
Darryl Pride Oak Ridge, TN
David Johnson Riverside, CA
Charlie Chastain Dallas, GA
Rebecca Flietstra San Diego, CA
Adriel Slaughter Bristol, TN
Allie Bosi Memphis, TN
Scott Hall Aurora, MO
Camela McClain Los Angeles, CA
Tim Harold Duluth, MN
Todd Berry Marshall, IL
Gabe Lauro Wake Forest, NC
Rev. Douglas Olds Mill Valley, CA
Tim Harold Duluth, MN
MC Geiger Nashville, TN
Fred F. Tondalo Jr. Wallingford, CT
Mona Stout Alton, IL
Dustin Evans Springfield, MO
Gordon Barbosa Fort Bragg, CA
Matthew Cleveland Searcy, AR
The Flietstras Jenison, MI
Michael Schwarzott North Charleston, SC
Don Golden Baltimore, MD
Haydee Wittenberg Fullerton, CA
Joan Link Hammond, IN
Rev. Dr. Robert Grahmann Madison, WI
Stephen Gilkenson Milton, GA
Marsha Rolens Efland, NC
Faith Whitmore Carmichael, CA
Pam Hodel Normal, IL
Jim Selgo Goodyear, AZ
Dan Franklin Hammond, IN
Gary Weaver Birmingham, AL
Rev. Joe Daiker Nevada, IA
Steve McClain Georgetown, KY
Chris Sanders Louisville, KY
Andy Wallace Birmingham, AL
Charlene McClaren Largo, FL
Rev. Mark Harmon Overland Park, KS
Janie Evanson Henderson Anchorage, AK
Charles L Limbaugh Selma, TX
Jeremy Jones Delton, MI
Clinton Wright Durham, NC
Jill Erickson Saint Paul, MN
Al Davis Washington, DC
Jon Eppley Lexington, KY
David H Yoder Saint Peters, MO
Steve Ekholm Barrington RI
Robert Smith Denver, CO
Steve Vellines Tucker, GA
Keith D. Herron St. Louis, MO
Christie Ruppel Slidell, LA
Doug Diehl Rapid City, SD
Jesse Ham Vancouver, WA
Pauline Hewitt Grand Rapids, MI
M. A. Phillips Brooklyn, NY
Rev. Mark Parsons Gallipolis, OH
Shannon Hays Searcy, AR
Alisa Rettschlag Boise, ID
Beth Price Strand Indianapolis, IN
Randolph Metts Hutchinson, MN
Neal Whitlow Augusta, KS
Lori Perri Summerfield, NC
Tom Perri Summerfield, NC
Carol D. Grand Rapids, MI
Tony Harrisburg, PA
Sidney Hammack Dewar, OK
Ellie Nickeson Fort Wayne, IN
Marsha Magnet Fairfax, VA
Rochelle Fritsch Milwaukee, WI
Dugan Collins Moore Sand Springs, OK
Natalie Bass Carl Junction, MO
Lorin Fulton Cambridge, WI
Alan Crowley Burlington, VT
Alison Ferrari Guadalupe CA
Amy Ayers Clifton Forge, VA
Mary Frese Deerfield, IL
Dorothy Stevens Sayre, PA
Mark Granville Raleigh, NC
Patrick Brink Glen Burnie, MD
Evan Knappenberger Lancaster PA
James A. Harnidh Orlando, FL
Alice Neff Louisville, KY
Adam Anderson Delaware, OH
Matt Baughman Hesperia, CA
Phillip Gilliam Jr. Philadelphia, PA
Cinthya Martinez El Paso, TX
E McMann League City, TX
J. Aaron Simmons Travelers Rest, SC
Liz Brumfield Mission Viejo, CA
Kevin Simpson Lonoke, AR
Linda Cherry Colorado Springs, CO
Karen Stafford Union, MO
Jerry Hibma Minneapolis, MN
Tom Pasmore Salisbury, MD
Eunice Kimm Grand Rapids, MI
Scott Fitzpatrick Lexington, KY
Rev. Jeffrey A. Schooley Marysville, OH
A. Hays Abingdon, VA
Linda Wheeler Roanoke, VA
Jamie Pelfrey Lancaster, KY
Rev. Dr. Jorge L Morales Elmhurst, IL
Rev. Charles K Stanley INpolis, IN
Sandra Christian Livonia, MI
Melissa Gremore Charlotte, NC
Rebecca Munshaw Lexington, KY
Shel Anderson Durham, NC
David W. Gill Oakland, CA
Ellen Canavan Cary, NC
Pat Gibson Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Arthur Clark Murrienta, CA
Catherine Crawford Federal Way, WA
Douglas Houck Tacoma, WA
Lori H. Atlanta, GA
Carl Breazeale Youngsville, NC
Renee Stauffer Nicholville, NY
Carol Barkowsky Heber Springs, AR
Steve Blythe Clermont, FL
Emily Blythe Clermont, FL
Rebecca Powell Georgetown, KY
Karen Bunch Oklahoma
Rev. Anthony Smith Salisbury, NC
Ruth-Ann McKellin Hoffman Estates, IL
Denise Hoover Philadelphia, PA
Kristin Headley Erie, PA
Larry A Masselink Whitinsville, MA
Rev. Dr. Jorge L. Morales Elmhurst, IL
Rev. Andrew Wade Hood River, OR
Susan Balsamello High Bridge, NJ
Roni Holcomb New Haven, CT
Ian Says Spring, TX
Tim Gilman Salem, OR
Nick Clarke Portland, OR
Becky stanford Columbus, OH
Jeffrey Grubbs Charlotte, NC
Cathryn Hoard Georgia
Ralph Cole Ridgway, CO
Sarah Bowman Union City, NJ
Jen Cassells Bell Buckle, TN
Dawn Marie Galtieri Chicago, IL
Phil Stout Jackson, MI
Doug Sook Richmond, VA
Naomi Ludeman Smith Sioux Falls, SD
Herminia Esqueda Sunnyside, WA
Derek Lane Seattle, WA
Sean McDonell Camarillo, CA
Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Rios Miramar, FL
Scott Elliott Chicago, IL
Lee Newall Spring, TX
Amanda Day Malone, NY
Rev. Cynthia Lapp Mt Rainier, MD
David Rempel Vancouver, British Columbia
Greg Hershey Clarksville, TN
Marilyn sandberg Milwaukee, WI
Eric Lige San Diego, CA
Rev. Mike Hotz Saint Paul, MN
Pamela Poniatowski Riverside, RI
David Harris Palmyra, PA
Rev. Linda Reynolds St. Charles, MO
Julie Duhn Eldora, IA
Adam Scharf Henrico, VA
Rev. Dr. Steve Neal Kansas City, KS
Karin Magnusson Sweden
Rev. Laura J. Young Westerville, OH
Kathi D. Denfeld Bend, OR
Daniel Morgan Starkville, MS
Tammy Bivings Ringwood, OK
Rev. David Ramos New York, NY
Rev. Dr. Julie Kain Winchester, VA
Mary Smith Lynn Haven, FL
Rob Miller Normal, IL
Rev. Dr. Beth Johnson Vista, CA
Casey Travis Spokane, WA
Jon Trott Chicago, IL
Cathy Coudriet Pittsburgh, PA
Isaura Castellano Sunrise, FL
Jackie Fritzel Keller, TX
Bethany Hawkins Columbus, OH
Ken Stavlund Pinehurst, NC
Judith Hillmann Three Oaks, MI
Audra Koth Waukegan, IL
Greg Stritter Caldwell, NJ
Michael Merrifield Bend, OR
Matthew Nicklas Circleville, OH
Kathy Simpson Avon Park, FL
Drew Hensley Bradenton, FL
Rev. Michael F. Copado Hamtramck, MI
Tony Caldwell Nashville, TN
Tomara Czebator Bellingham, WA
Brian Leckrone Des Moines, IA
Pat Melton Gastonia, NC
Ronda Zylstra North Bend, WA
Renee Paris Hartsville, SC
Sara Montoya-Hernandez McAllen, TX
Rev. James Curci Hollywood, FL
Gloria Mask Hamlet, NC
Robert J. Lockhorn Vancouver, WA
Richard Cummins Paragould, AR
Debbie Sanford Dyersburg, TN
Paula Huston Arroyo Grande, CA
Pastor Victor St. George Superior, WI
Rev. Dr. Kenneth Veazey Virginia Beach, VA
Todd Smekens Muncie, IN
M Graham Katy, TX
Donna Wolff Petersburg, MI
Shauna Devenport Olathe, KS
Misti Klarenbeek-McKenna Wheat Ridge, CO
Terry Stogdill St. Peter’s, MO
Shelley Kallenbach Ryan, IA
Laura Wicker Whittier, CA
Mary Ann Lesh Plano, TX
Cynthia Cheski Chicago, IL
Melissa Phillips Idaho
Amy Robbins-Wilson Searsmont, ME
Kathi Walrath Salado, TX
Jennifer Cheski Crystal Lake, IL
Regina Dancy Woodleaf, NC
Lynne Gilgore Schenectady NY
Julia Vetrie Canyon Country, CA
Janet Graige Fayetteville, AR
Rev. Charles Perrin Leesburg, FL
Martin Borchardt Woodbury, MN
Sara Taylor Sacramento, CA
Larisa Brown Seattle, WA
Terry Major-Holliday Waupaca, WI
Ella Massa Ewing, NJ
Cheryl Stavlund Pinehurst, NC
James F. Epperson Ann Arbor, MI
Richard DeWitt Marion, IL
Gary Witte Columbus, OH
Marilyn Jackson Stoney Beach, MD
Josiah Finnemore Lemont, IL
Rev. Anjel Scarborough Ellicott City, MD
Sabrina Reinhart Colorado Springs, CO
Jennifer Smith Denver, CO
Ruth Goring Chicago, IL
Rachel Grant Concord, CA
Keri Mount Prospect, IL
Andreana McCall San Diego, CA
 Pamela Sahl Williamsburg, KS
Hal Schichtel Columbia Station, OH
Jodi Parins Algoma, WI
Randall Ray Chattanooga, TN
Celeste Handy Pembroke, NC
Lori Schichtel Columbia Station, OH
Mitzi McAdam Cumming, GA
David Heckler Quakertown, PA
Hal Schichtel Fort Myers, FL
Ken Voorhis Wears Valley, TN
Lori Schichtel Fort Myers, FL
Jonni Medford Weaverville, NC
Greg Hughes Moscow, ID
Dawn Wheat Lakewood, CO
Lindsy Wallace Louisville, KY
Jay Hall Red Cloud, NE
Beth Stuebing Edmonds, WA
Jordan Ames Algoma, WI
Justin Garza Livermore, CA
Andrew Chen New Paltz, NY
Tamara Lea Denham Springs, LA
Ada Bell Jacksonville, FL
Randy Herrick Parma, MI
June Laidlaw Jacksonville, FL
Deb Guffy Terrell, TX
Carla Wilton Kalispell, MT
Dr. Veronica Coleman Virginia Beach, VA
Laura Laidlaw Jacksonville, FL
Teresa Matthews Mascoutah, IL
Elizabeth Hotaling Greenville, SC
Mike Copeland California
Andrea Scott Aurora, CO
Rev. Sheri L. Randolph Barstow, CA
Sharla Hinman Choteau, MT
Dan Homp Wausau, WI
Kevin Trenney Pittsburgh, PA
Rev. Ryan Pryor Los Angeles, CA
Henry Simms Raleigh, NC
Shawn Young York, PA
Ro Hoglund Nutley, NJ
Kelly Duncan Kennesaw, GA
Gwendolyn Moore Old Hickory, TN
John Tallacksen Los Angeles, CA
Michal Burnett Oregon, IL
Larry Leddy Jacksonville, FL
Wendy McRoberts Danbury, TX
Elaine E. Belz Detroit, MI
Karen E Lettner Portland, OR
Andrew McRoberts Danbury, TX
Gladys Leddy Jacksonville, FL
Larry Leddy Jacksonville, FL
Joe Miller Rogersville, MO
Jonathan Case Fillmore, NY
Lester Wilson Marshall, NC
Lauri Rizio Rome, NY
Michael Webb Decatur, IN
Melanie Whitehead Ardmore, OK
Timothy McPherson Branson, MO
Fred Chesbro Chicago, IL
Amy Ackerberg-Hastings Rockville, MD
Cecilia Awusie Boise, ID
Leigh Hartman Highlands, NC
Laurie Sensibaugh Madras, OR
Clay Hartman Highlands, NC
Gary Alan Skaggs Breckenridge, TX
Sue Gray Nevis, MN
Patti Lehman Lititz, PA
Jodi Houle The Colony, TX
Katelyn Rivas Detroit, MI
Norman McCausland Media, PA
Jennie Clopton Gore, OK
Nancy Weaver Warrensville, NC
Rev. Jay Bissett Gastonia, NC
Pastor Vondel Stevens Pampa, TX
Deborah Parrish Tomales CA
Dawn Wheeler Edwardsville, KS
Derek Carr Richmond, VA
Tracy Sanders West Jordan, UT
Charles Petersen Tomales, CA
Louis Boring, OR
Yehuda Rothschild Chicago, IL
Bryan Holcomb Williamson, NY
Rev. Ken Wright Cornelia, GA
Kevin Kuns Montrose, CO
Ann Stokes Marietta, GA
Nancy Celmins Perryville, MD
Karen Simon Pico Rivera, CA
Sandra Hipes Troy, MO
Amber McGreger Vardaman, MS
Rev. Dele New Paltz, NY
Melissa Bennett Quakertown, PA
Dina Weirton, WV
Sharon Louise Strachan Berkeley, CA
Paul Schweikle Van Wert, OH
Donna Vogelpohl Sapulpa, OK
Cherie Wade Bradenton, FL
Craig Ratchford High Point, NC
Robert Argue Elmhurst, IL
Dana Huber Longview, TX
Jonathan Holland Crossville, TN
Joseph Hurst Columbus, GA
Bruce Herring Banning, CA
Tiffany Taylor Orlando, FL
Bindy Montoya Spring Hill, FL
Mike Taylor Orlando, FL
Anthony Montoya Spring Hill, FL
Brian Nelson Tacoma, WA
Sandra DelValle Wappingers Falls, NY
Virginia Kay Blancett Burkburnett, TX
Rev. Ann Schlossnagle Harlingen, TX
Fred Fulford Saint Petersburg,  FL
Joyce Diane Hester Dewar, OK
Kim Maloney Middletown, DE
Larry Wayne Hester Dewar, OK
Nancy Patrick Sioux Falls, SD
Michelle McGowa Manassas, VA
Brooke Scott Durham, NC
Amy Raleigh, NC
Gary Elliott Andover, KS
Dana Pavuk Grand Island, NE
Linda A Montanero Chicago, IL
Stephen Hamill King of Prussia, PA
Coco Hepburn Longwood, FL
Heather Lavin Seattle, WA
Cynthia Hiddemen Virginia Beach , VA
Karen Jones Davisburg, MI
Mike Riggins Henrietta, TX
Rev. Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza Nashville, TN
Brady Hornstra Lynden, WA
Leah Livingston-Blade Desert Hot Springs, CA
Robin Frisella Orlando, FL
Dorothy Burgess Byron Center, MI
Joby McCarthy Missoula, MT
J.D. Henry Nampa, ID
Michele Vasquez Soldotna, AK
Joan C Prendergast West Allis WI
Alyce Dana Gulfport, MS
Stephanie Willman Arlington VA
James Hale Northport, AL
Scott McNeice Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Melanie Spell Goose Creek, SC
Kamaran Holt Louisville, KY
Rev. Greg Jarrell Charlotte, NC
Laine Randall Garden City, GA
Deborah Moore New Bedford, MA
Rev. Jennifer Helms Jarrell Charlotte, NC
Laura Clifford Lexington, KY
Timbre Cierpke Nashville, TN
Soraya Javaher Broken Arrow, OK
Evelyn Clark Bangor, ME
Peggy Meisch North Branch, MN
Jimmy Few Columbia, SC
Angel Alicea Jr. Orlando, FL
Rev. Daniel Bradfield Signal Hill, CA
Nancy Griffith Clarksville, TN
Gann Herman Durham, NC
Josh Myers Oklahoma City, OK
David McMinn Leander, TX
Byron Eubanks Arkadelphia, AR
Mary Tidey Telford,  PA
Crystal Marie Gurnee, IL
Chelsea Maxwell Ames, IA
Margaret Hill Genoa, OH
Nicole Raichart Moses Lake, WA
Dennis Rockow Madison, OH
Brian Blackburn Belleville, MI
Jeff Magee Port Townsend, WA
Tad Raichart Moses Lake, WA
Richard Johnson Wonder Lake, IL
Loren Roberts Pasadena, CA
Mike Stavlund Falls Church, VA
David Schneider Alamosa, CO
Audrey Garcia San Antonio, TX
Michelle Flowers Ijamsville, MD
Miguel Garcia San Antonio, TX
Michael McGowan New York
Michael Brennan St Paul, MN
David Strausbaugh Greencastle, PA
Stephen Payne Ruston, LA
Robin Shropshire Roanoke, VA
Brandon Thompson Overland Park, KS
Michal Frye Spokane, WA
Frank J. Coe Forest Hill, LA
Charlotte Rowe Troy, MI
Patricia Hull Wichita Falls, TX
Rebecca Heskamp Mars Hill, NC
Richard Staley Cambria, WI
Cynthia Nettles Baytown, TX
Ann Karas Springfield, OR
Julia Carmichael North Port, FL
Mike Foster Spencer, NY
Diane Sylvester Los Angeles, CA
Connie Ft Myers, FL
Hilda Dewey Riverside, RI
MaryJo Ft Myers, FL
Kevin Prior Lake, MN
Bonnie Shannon Morgantown, WV
Kimberly Seman Macon, GA
Cindy McLennan Boston, MA
Carol Columbus, OH
Kelly Strain Cape Girardeau, MO
Kathy E. Norwood Dallas, TX
Debi Marshall Liverpool, NY
Jon Newswanger Salem, OR
Jeffrey Glogiewicz Caguas, Puerto Rico
Janet Lindsey Kennewick, WA
William S.F. Gilman, III Fitchburg, MA
Deb Celina, OH
Jennifer Chivers Santa Cruz, CA
Minister Stephen Roach Knight Asheville, NC
Lance Link Tampa, FL
Cheryl Carrollton, TX
Eva Howard Camden, OH
Andrea Mauer Albert Lea, MN
Julia Wiggins Ocean City, NJ
Adam Kelley Columbia, SC
M. Munroe Austin, TX
Shael Morgan Gainesville, FL
M. Clark Birmingham, AL
Sheri Yates Fort Worth, TX
A. Coleman Clayton, GA
Carol S Ahrens Freeport, IL
Teresa Ernst Lancaster, PA
Kenny Martin Greenup, KY
Zigmond Pohopin Punta Gorda , FL
Jessica Short-Long Jefferson City, TN
Cathy Garrett Brandon, MS
Jessica Baker Concord, CA
Mary Wilt Mt. Juliet, TN
Teresa Julian Tampa, FL
M Shimer Emmaus, PA
Dana Baker Medford, MA
Rev. Geoffrey Knowlton Princeton, MA
Brad Scott Romulus, MI
Jaime Riddle Virginia Beach, VA
Blake Brinkman Rochester, MN
Susie Taylor Seadrift, TX
Blake Brinkman Rochester, MN
Cynthia Reimer Georgetown, SC
Marvin Bolt Corning, NY
Nickie Nelson Palmer, AK
Ronald Turner St Petersburg, FL
Kevin A. Smith Aberdeen, NC
Rev. Ryan C. Mulkowsky Lilburn, GA
Janene Roch Austin, TX
Liz Cooper Thousand Oaks, CA
Mindy Perry Camas, WA
Dwayne Wenger Morgantown, PA
Karla Morgan Anoka, MN
Krista Dulaney Canton, OH
Carlos A. Rodriguez Puerto Rico
Sarah Carter Phoenix, AZ
Richard Johnson Rock Hill, SC
Joshua Rausch Lincoln, NE
Prometheus McRoberts Danbury, TX
Judith Garrett Benbrook, TX
Margaret Richards Riverhead, NY
Anita Barry Los Angeles, CA
Ian Cole Bourbonnais,  IL
Nathan Shorb Bellingham, WA
Allan-Charles Chipman Richmond, VA
Renee Hayes Trinity, NC
S.R.A. Miller Port Hueneme,  CA
Rodney Evans Honolulu, HI
Rev. Rosie Wynter Rydalmere, NSW, Australia
Rev. Scott Hutchinson Perkasie, PA
Matthew Dunbar Maplewood, NJ
Lisa Head Plymouth, IN
Justin Allen Birmingham, AL
Stephanie Evans Burnt Hills, NY
Mark Jordan Dixon, IL
Carrie Bailey Hampstead, NC
Karly Murphy Chicago, IL
Paula Cohen Columbus, OH
Kimberly Book Holland, MI
Eric Schmitt New Carlisle, OH
Rev. Glen Peterson Los Angeles, CA
Mary Charlotte Haussmann Charlotte, NC
Mary Butler Shreveport, LA
Jill Young Muskegon, MI
Catherine Martin Weyauwega, WI
Lori Drummer West Burlington, IA
Gladys Carter Greenville, WV
Cathy Del Hillcrest, NY
Sonja Lockman Orono, MN
Blake Egan Abbotsford, Canada
Rev. Kerra Becker English Midlothian, VA
Wendy Valdez San Bernardino CA
Rev Dr Dona Van Eck Pittsburgh, PA
Adam Lorenz Grand Rapids, MI
Rev. Rick Reiten Fort Collins CO
Kathleen Leslie Baltimore, MD
Lauren Fernandez Miami, FL
Donna Bell Superior, CO
Kelly R. Stoneham Shillington, PA
Maureen Steele Fort Worth, TX
Ea Smitherman Oak Ridge, TN
Sandy Drews Greensboro, NC
Rev. Kirk Lyman-Barner Americus, GA
Beth Hankoff San Jose CA
Allen Carr Oklahoma City, OK
Doug Messer Knoxville, TN
Pamela Baker Lincoln, NE
Shawn O’Donnell South Elgin, IL
Nathan Coyledean Arlington, VA
Kevin Norman Oakland, CA
Bob & Karen Melvin Pittsburgh, PA
Debra Bowers Denver, CO
Rev. Patricia Ross Gualala, CA
Marsha Jane Wood Kansas City, MO
Cathleen Falsani California
Patricia Starr Hanson Roseburg, OR
Elaine Carmann Davidson, NC
Kathrine Roberts Redlands, CA
Rev. Paula Snyder Belousek Lima, OH
Michael Houx Gladstone MO
Bruce Ward Tyler, TX
Lizzie Shore Los Angeles, CA
Michael Jensen San Diego  CA
Terry Bouchelle Lubbock, TX
Kathryn Matousek Des Plaines, IL
John C Orlando, FL
Joseph Jones Centerville, MA
Daniel Holwerda Spring, TX
Jolene Santema Eden Prairie, MN
Kari Crosman Richmond, ME
Karen Gilly Schacht Bellingham, MA
John Dykstra Washington, PA
Tiffany Bradbury Maumelle, AR
Beth Duley Terre Haute, IN
Rev. Alicia Wilson Baker Indianapolis, IN
Julie Moler Oklahoma City, OK
Sue Avis Las Vegas, NV
John Ketner Quincy, MA
Ralph Snearly Haines City, FL
Jerusha Staggs Kansas City, MO
Rev Harvey Johnson Colorado Springs, CO
Judith Sheriff Duluth, MN
Nancy Collins Statesboro, GA
Judi Dunkle Mechanicsburg, PA
Bailey Sutter Minneapolis, MN
Jake Dockter Portland, OR
Natalie Arizona
Bob Krummenacker Patchogue, NY
Rev. David Haberer Brooklyn, NY
Peter Walker Rocklin, CA
Tonya Walker Rocklin, CA
John Hubers Orange City, IA
Seph Kumer Erie, PA
Cheryle Friedman Vallejo, CA
Kristi DeLeurere Morgantown, WV
Timothy T Irwin Aloha, OR
Nyla Schroth Gaylord Holley, NY
Twila Loy St. Charles, MO
Mark Medrano Chicago, IL
Rex Loy St. Charles, MO
Vanessa D. Johnson Martinez, GA
Bruce M. Allen West Chester, PA
Rev. Paul J. Miller Bushkill, PA
Karen Lee Allen West Chester, PA
Kim Binkley Conway, AR
Lenore G. McCauley West Chester, PA
Michelle Waite Portland, OR
Jim Carroll Augusta, GA
William Scott Fuller Zionsville, IN
Adam Sproles Cary, NC
Cheryl Lindsay Orange Village, OH
Joe Davis Auburn, AL
Martin Carter Juneau, AK
Karen & Will Lozow Cleary Bloomington, IN
Steve Hixson Knoxville, TN
Joyce Mathai Bourbonnais, IL
Jennifer Buell Rapid City, SD
Lloyd Monroe Missouri City, TX
Alyssa Knudsen Spokane WA
Cindy Christ Crystal Lake, IL
Cynthia Currier Lowell, OR
Rev. James Farley Phoenix, AZ
Jane Silva Vista, CA
Dan Oliva Yakima, WA
Rev. Dr. Kim L. Nelson Stockton, CA
Debbie Shady Spring, WV
Karyn Hinkel Watertown, WI
David Justice Saint Louis, MO
Riley Ader Piedmont, SD
Todd Cullop Burlington, WA
Lori Smith Cathedral City, CA
Shawn O’Donnell South Elgin, IL
Cathy Holsing State College, PA
Nita Starr Midlothian, VA
Gordon McAlister Minneapolis, MN
Larry Poelma Charlotte, NC
Carol Dawkins Port St. Lucie, FL
Rev. Brian D. Hutchison Seattle, WA
Robbie Phillips Kansas City, MO
John Szatkowski Beverly, MA
Anne Goodrich Portage, MI
Shirley Kustet Mt. Zion, Il
Jackie Flaum Germantown, TN

About The Author


Tony Campolo is Professor of Sociology at Eastern University, and was formerly on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania. For 40 years, he founded and led the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education, an organization that created and supported programs serving needy communities in the Third World as well as in “at risk” neighborhoods across North America. More recently, Dr. Campolo has provided leadership for the Red Letter Christians movement. He blogs regularly at his own website. Tony and his wife Peggy live near Philadelphia, and have two children and four grandchildren.

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