taking the words of Jesus seriously

There have been a lot of study bibles printed as of late but there are two that I think are especially important:

The first one is called the Poverty and Justice Bible. It is printed and distributed by the American Bible Society of New York. It goes through the scriptures and highlights in bright orange all those verses of scripture that specifically call for a commitment to social justice and call upon Red Letter Christians to respond to the needs of the poor and oppressed.

The second bible I want to recommend is called the Life With God Bible. It is put together by a host of the brightest and best biblical scholars of our time. They are very much on the same page of thinking as I myself am. The propagation has been led by Richard Foster and has a strong emphasis on Spiritual Disciplines. This is the bible that I have personally adopted for my regular bible study. It brings into play a host of footnotes and meditation guides calling the reader to action. It draws largely on those saints past and present who have been concerned with spiritual formation.

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