I Was Hungry & You Fed Me… Even When It Was Illegal


Beginning this Friday, October 31st, it is illegal to feed a person on the street in Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, laws against feeding the homeless are now on the books in 21 US cities.

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Illegal Immigration, Child Refugees, and Christian Compassion

Illegal Immigration Child Refugees And Christian Compassion

JULY 31, 2014 | BY: CRAIG M. WATTS — I am thankful that a considerable number of religious leaders support a compassionate…

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Beyond the Diminished Cross

Beyond The Diminished Cross

JULY 18, 2014 | BY: CRAIG M. WATTS — There is a lot more to the cross of Jesus than you are likely to learn from those who endlessly say…

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Singing Praise to God, Not America

Singing Praise To God

JUNE 30, 2014 | BY: CRAIG M. WATTS — There is an often told apocryphal story of the little boy in a worship service who was seated beside…

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A “Christian” Defense of Genocide? David Barton’s Justification of the Devastation of Native Americans

David Barton

JUNE 3, 2014 | BY: CRAIG M. WATTS — I’d like to believe most Americans, and in particular most Christians in America, find the genocide of Native…

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Three Questions for Memorial Day

Three Questions For Memorial Day

MAY 23, 2014 | BY: CRAIG M. WATTS — As Memorial Day is celebrated, is memory really what is encouraged or is it just an exercise in…

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The Problem with the National Day of Prayer

National Day Of Prayer

APRIL 30, 2014 | BY: CRAIG M. WATTS — Several years ago the organizers of the National Day of Prayer were selling on their…

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