Trump, Violence, and Counter-Violence


Trump deserves to be resisted. But the most effective resistance will not involve breaking glass or drawing blood.

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Memorial Day Is Not On the Church’s Calendar


Memorial Day rightfully is America’s holiday. But it is not one of the Church’s holy days and it should not be treated as though it is.

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Thanksgiving Day: Being Grateful for Us


Generating thanks based on national myths that hide more truth than they display has no role in the worship life of Christian churches

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Are We Making Police More Dangerous by Saying They’re Endangered?


We need to insistently challenge the claim that police face great danger.

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Military Coup, Revolution, and the Way of Jesus


Many Americans –including Christians, apparently- trust the military significantly more than any other institution.

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Getting Church Right on the 4th of July


Few Sundays of the year do churches get things more wrong than on the Sunday nearest to the 4th of July.

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Officer Slaps Homeless Man, Exposes Systemic Violence


While the violent action of a police officer against a homeless man who simply wanted to use the restroom is intolerable, no less violent, morally deplorable and worthy of condemnation are the actions of the city officials who put in place laws that criminalized homelessness.

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