We are currently dreaming and scheming about what’s next for our podcast and radio show. and Shane Claiborne have hosted Across the Pond, a radio program aired in the UK on . Across the Pond offers commentary on the Way of Jesus in the world today. You can subscribe to the Red Letter Christians podcast  to hear past episodes!

Since the inception of Red Letter Christians, we’ve collaborated with some great partnerships to get our message out.  For several years we had a television show.  For over a decade, we’ve had our “Across the Pond” show airing on Premier Radio in the United Kingdom. Those episodes could (and still can) be heard on our Red Letter Christians podcast through iTunes or Soundcloud. Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne have teamed up to host these shows, with the primary goal of amplifying the inspiring work of Red Letter Christians around the world.  In 2020, both the pandemic and Tony’s stroke made it difficult to record new content, but we’ve got good news.  Tony is getting better.  The radio studio is open again. Many of us are vaccinated.  And we’re hoping to get back at it soon.  The hiatus from recording has given us an opportunity to reimagine how we do the podcast and radio show, and a chance to look at new opportunities for the future—so please keep it all in prayer.  Sorry, we don’t have new shows coming out every week right now, but we have a bunch of events happening every month so you shouldn’t be bored!(By the way, one thing we are considering is how to turn our Faith Forums, Monthly Morning Prayer, RLC Book Club Conversations and other events into podcast episodes! If you’re skilled at that and want to help out, shoot us an email:  [email protected]tterchristians.org)

Meanwhile, we have had some amazing guests over the years on our podcasts, so please check out some of the recordings.  You can even watch our television shows in the archives!  We are excited about the possibilities ahead and will be sure to keep you in the loop!