Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne host Across the Pond, a radio program aired in the UK on Premier Radio. Across the Pond offers commentary on the Way of Jesus in the world today. You can subscribe to the Red Letter Christians podcast in iTunes, in Soundcloud, or keep up with us here.


Shane and Tony interview Sami Awad, a leader in Palestinian affairs in the Middle East.


Shane and Tony talk with sociologist David Claerbaut about issues in urban America and urban UK.


Tony and Shane talk with Dr. Mimi Haddad, a leader in Christian feminism, about patriarchy and what needs to be done to change things in this world.


Shane and Tony connect with Carlos Rodriguez about what’s going on with the church in Puerto Rico and what he’s doing about it.


Shane and Tony interview Matt Wilson of Common Change UK, a program based in communities across the UK designed to help people with economic need.


Shane and Tony talk about what they see going on for Jesus Christ in the UK.


Tony interviews Shane Claiborne on what he’s been up to.


Shane and Tony discuss sin, evil, and how to make the world a better place.


Tony and Shane talk with Chris Hall, an expert on the Church Fathers.


Tony and Shane talk with Leroy Barber, a leader of Christian movements all across the U.S.


Shane and Tony talk about the upcoming Red Letter Revival in Lynchburg, VA, on April 6-7.


Tony and Shane interview Jim Wallis about his work promoting progressive social justice.


Tony and Shane talk with Alicia Crosby, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Center for Inclusivity.


Tony and Shane interview Ron Sider.


Shane and Tony talk with David Diggs about his extensive work in Haiti.


Tony and Shane offer reflections on Christmas: what they should have done, and what they hope to do in the future.


Shane and Tony sit down with Rabbi Michael Lerner.


Tony and Shane talk with Dominique Gilliard about his new book Rethinking Incarceration, that presents a vision of justice that redeems and restores.


Tony and Shane talk with author Chris Haw.


Tony and Shane talk with blogger and speaker John Pavlovitz.


Shane and Tony talk with Stephan Bauman, former president of World Relief, about Christian faith and helping the poor and oppressed.


Shane and Tony interview Hebrew Bible scholar Walter Brueggemann.


Shane and Tony talk with Brian Zahnd about radical Red Letter Christianity.


Tony and Shane talk with Walter Brynjolfson about his work in the Holy Land with Palestinians to bring justice.


Tony and Shane talk with Frank Schaeffer about how to create a better world in this magnificent time in which we live.


Shane, Tony, and Tom Sine share stories about how young people are changing the world today.

Tony and Shane continue their discussion with Peter Piedemont of the New Sanctuary Movement in Philadelphia.


Tony and Shane talk with Peter Piedemont of the New Sanctuary Movement in Philadelphia, discussing what to do with refugees in the name of Jesus.


Tony talks with Shane about his most recent efforts for justice around the world.


Tony and Shane talk with Carl Ruby about social justice.


Shane and Tony talk with Erin Donovan, Executive Director of HopeSprings, which equips to eradicate HIV.


Shane and Tony interview Native American author Kaitlin Curtice.


Tony and Shane talk with John Dear about his work to sensitize the church against violence.


< Tony and Shane discuss racism and what Christians can do to overcome racism.


Shane and Tony interview Rev. Dr. Mae Elise Cannon.


Shane and Tony talk with Bill Pelke about the death penalty and the 2017 Journey of Hope in Texas, October 13-29.


Shane and Tony talk with Ian Cron about his book The Road Back to You: An Ennegram Journey to Self-Discovery.


Tony and Shane discuss evangelicalism and the death penalty.


Shane and Tony interview Samantha Chandler, the leader of the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals. Do animals have a place in the kingdom of God?


Tony and Shane talk about justice.


Tony interviews Shane about what his travels have shown him about Christianity around the world.


A discussion with Sarah Withrow King on what the Bible says about animals.


Tony and Shane talk about civil disobedience and Shane’s experience standing against the death penalty in Washington, DC.


Tony talks with philosopher Phil Cary about postmodernism.


Shane and Tony continue their conversation on the future of Christianity.


Where is Christianity heading? What kind of forms will it take in the days ahead? Tony and Shane discuss.


Ash Barker discusses his missionary work in Bangkok.


Is liberation theology Marxist or Christian?


Shane and Tony continue their conversation with Bart Campolo.


Shane and Tony talk with Tony’s son, Bart Campolo, about why he left the Christian faith.


Tony and Shane discuss the new catholicism emerging that calls Protestants and Catholics to look on each other as brothers and sisters.


Shane and Tony talk about unity in Christ and how this stands over against the racism that permeates both the UK and the US.


Tony and Shane discuss whether capitalism relates well with Christianity.


Shane and Tony discuss how Christians should respond to their Islamic sisters and brothers in an age that is marked by fear.


Shane and Tony talk about multiculturalism in light of the words of Jesus.


Shane and Tony interview Don Golden, Executive Director of Red Letter Christians.


Tony and Shane interview Louise Donkin.


Shane and Tony discuss Mission Year, a program that encourages young people to spend a year of service.


Tony and Shane discuss current event and whether evangelicalism has lost its prophetic voice.


Shane and Tony discuss current events.


Shane and Tony talk about the collapse of the stock market and its effect on poor people.


Shane and Tony discuss the Red Letter Christians movement and what it means in this era of the Trump administration.


Shane and Tony discuss experiences of the Holy Land.


Tony talks about calling, leadership, and ministry.


Tony and Shane discuss child sponsorship programs.


Tony talks about the Red Letter Christian movement and its beginnings.


Tony and Shane discuss Red Letter Christianity and what the call to ministry means in light of the words of Jesus.


Tony and Shane interview people on death row in the U.S.


Shane and Tony interview author and campus pastor, Morgan Guyton, on his challenging book, How Jesus Saves the World From Us. Morgan offers spiritual grounding for the work of social justice and life-giving freedom from toxic Christianity.


Shane and Tony look back at some of Tony’s classic books… as well as when Tony was Shane’s sociology Professor at Eastern University.


As Christians, the way we think about our Trinitarian God affects all aspects of our theology. But how are we to understand this mystery? Richard Rohr discusses his new book with Tony and Shane and helps lead us further into this mystery.


After the surprising election of Donald Trump, Shane and Tony discuss the votes of evangelicals, and what the next four years means for followers of Jesus.


Somehow, Christians have traded the best story in the world for the story of what’s on sale. How do we rediscover and tell the true hope of Christmas? Shane and Tony talk to the founders of Advent Conspiracy, Rick McKinley and Chris Seay, about the subversive Christ, the Kingdom he brought, and how we can focus our worship on our King.


Jesus tells us that it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. How then should we live? Tony and Shane talk to Roy Goble about about his new book, Junkyard Wisdom, and how people of wealth can tear down walls and find the Kingdom.


How can we understand Jesus, if we do not understand his Jewish faith and Jewish community? Vanderbilt professor Dr. Amy-Jill Levine talks to Tony about Jesus and his Jewish world, based from her book The Misunderstood Jew.


 Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil joins Shane and Tony to discuss her book Roadmap to Reconciliation. They discuss what real reconciliation looks like and how to take practical steps for unity in the body of Christ.


Tony and Shane discuss some of the major events in the world, including the siege in Aleppo and the battle over the death penalty in America.


Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove discusses the work of School for Conversion and his community in Durham, NC. Their work to follow Jesus and “make surprising friendships possible” has led them to some unexpected places.


In this divisive American election season, where is the prophetic voice of faith? Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock leads #WeStandWithLove, a movement working to bring people of faith together in this season to stand up for love.


What is the state of the church today around the world? Tony and Shane reflect on Christ’s Bride and her purpose and future in our world.