In collaboration with Eastern University, RLC launched a speaker series to engage crucial and controversial issues facing Christians today. Watch these videos featuring Red Letter Christian thinkers and activists who model “the whole gospel for the whole world.” 

In the Declaration of Independence, most people are unaware that 2030 lines below the statement “all men are created equal,” Native Americans are referred to as “merciless Indian savages.” Join us as Mark Charles helps us think through, from an indigenous perspective, how a 15th century “Doctrine of Discovery” has influenced the very foundations of the United States of America.

In a timely conversation, Drew G. I. Hart weaves together accessible and everyday personal stories with antiracism theory and Christian theology. He unveils how sentiments of white exceptionalism and racialized ideology creep into our lives and unconsciously distort God’s desire for both the church and society. While there is no quick fix for tackling racism, Hart provides concrete practices for churches committed to the journey of struggling for justice in the Way of Jesus.

**STAY TUNED! Check back for more videos to come from Jenny Yang, Jon Huckins, and Lisa Sharon Harper. **