Centurions Guild’s Armistice Appeal


This week Centurions Guild has started an Armistice Appeal, a call to begin putting an end to alienating stories told about Christian soldiers.

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Sergeant Francis?

Sergeant Francis

OCT 7, 2013 | BY: LOGAN MEHL-LAITURI — Francis displayed behavior characteristic of what we would today call PTSD. Like other veterans…

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Why I am against ‘gay marriage’ (and you should be too)

Support Gay Marriage

JULY 1, 2013 | BY: LOGAN MEHL-LAITURI – Let us be very careful in how we speak of our relationships. If marriage, let us mean one…

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How Do You Vote? Voting our Conscience as Christians

Vote Here

BY: LOGAN MEHL-LAITURI — “Who did you vote for?” is the wrong question to ask. Instead, the real question is “How…

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Once They Come Home

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Every year on the 11th of November, the United States celebrates Veterans Day, a day we memorialize those who served …

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Join the (Growing?) Conversation

Last Thursday afternoon, I read an article by Jim Wallis, the CEO of Sojourners, in which he described his conversation …

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Reinstate the Draft?

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I was speaking to an internationally known Christian scholar a few weeks ago, and I decided to ask about the …

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