The Women in Jesus’ Life

St Photina

These women were not ‘important.’ But conversation with them proved far more fruitful than conversations with religious leaders.

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Caught in Adultery

Woman Adultery

How many times have we seen a group of men, clothed in authority, publicly shame and condemn a solitary woman?

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Lord, Save Us From Your Followers


What is the value system of a society that threatens harassment and violence to someone who needs to urinate? I can’t help thinking of the prayer, “Please Lord, save us from your followers!”

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What Would Be Your First Commandment?


My first commandment, one that I strive, and often fail, to live up to, is to see and acknowledge the humanity of each person I meet.

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Don’t Call It Christianity


I want a Christianity that welcomes and invites, not threatens and fears.

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All Lives (Don’t) Matter


We all know that all lives SHOULD matter.

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If I Were A Pastor


“If I were a pastor I’d speak of fire – not the fire of Hell or condemnation, but the fire of creation”

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