BREAKING: Pennyslvania Judge Blocks Voter ID Law

Voter ID Law
Today, a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Judge blocked a Voter ID Law that many believed would keep thousands from the polls on Election Day. While the decision could be appealed, the Wall Street Journal reports it is unlikely to be reviewed and overturned prior to the November 6 election.

Red Letter Christians has previously posted on this topic. Tony Campolo first raised the issue back in April over his struggle to be non-partisan in the midst of strong Republican support for the voter ID law. Campolo again wrote on the topic in July, suggesting questionable morality amongst Pennsylvania Republicans supporting the law.

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Photo Credit: Todd Wiseman, Texas Tribune

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  • Thank you Tony Campolo for your courage!

  • Allie

    For those of you interested, just for the sake of comparison, here is a very simple breakdown of voter ID laws in Canada. This law applies accross the entire country, and does not vary by province (for a federal election). I find it strange that voter ID laws can discriminate against people in one state but not in another. It seems that this should be covered by federal law, not state law.
    I find option 3 interesting, that this would be included for those that do not, for whatever reason, have the usual type of ID:
    “Take an oath and have an elector who knows you vouch for you (both of you will be required to make a sworn statement). This person must have authorized identification and their name must appear on the list of electors in the same polling division as you. This person can only vouch for one person and the person who is vouched for cannot vouch for another elector.”

  • 22044

    I looked up another story about the ruling. It essentially upheld the law, but that the timing of implementing it at the moment would not allow folks to get IDs if they needed one. So it was more a pragmatic ruling than a principled one. The law will still take effect, but probably not until next year.
    If anyone is interested, there are investigations looking into possible disenfranchisement of military members due to poor communication about how they should handle their absentee ballots. That should be a concern to anyone interested in a fair election process.

  • 22044

    One more thing.
    Bishop E.W. Jackson explains why it’s time for God-fearing black Americans to leave the Democratic party:

    • Frank

      It’s not only good for blacks but for everyone. Vote Romney the only choice this November.

      • 22044

        I agree!

  • someGuy

    Please do not distort the facts of the case. The law was upheld, but prohibited from being implemented during THIS election. On a personal note, would someone please explain to me why Tony Campolo thinks that minorities and poor people are too stupid to obtain a photo i.d.

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