My Journey Through a 3 year Marriage and Divorce at 29

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I’m twenty nine years old. A Westmont College and Fuller Seminary graduate, born and raised in a loving Christian family. My Dad sat on the Elder board of my church growing up, started numerous International non-profits, and ran a successful family business that funded dozens more. I started my own non-profit when I was twenty five, and have traveled the world to educate and deepen my understanding of the anti-trafficking field. My life, in many ways, was picture perfect. When I was 26 I married the love of my life. But three years later I found myself divorced. The big D-word.

Our marriage was a short one but full of life. He supported my dreams by moving to Thailand with me, I supported his by helping get his music career off the ground. On the outside it seemed ideal. People often referred to us as a ‘power couple’ and I found my strength in other people’s praise. Because on the inside I was crumbling. Confused. And losing myself. After months of counseling I gathered my guts and finally admitted to myself that it was over.

I’m still healing from this, and this essay is simply one of many letters that will come from my exploration during this time. So I’m writing to you, women and men, who are a part of the church and love the church, but are struggling with divorce. You might be asking yourself if you still belong, or feeling the need to justify in biblical terms why it didn’t work. I can remember weeks of crying out to God for a miracle in my marriage. That I would fall back in love with my husband. But like many, I learned the hard way that God’s silence was not a lack of his love but rather a time for me to soak in his grace.

Divorce was not something talked about growing up. I’d liken it to the way college was treated in my family ‘we don’t care where you go, but you have to go!’ Divorce was similar – ‘we don’t care if you get married, but stay married!’. Divorce was never an option. It was what happened to those ‘other’ people.

So how dare I entertain the idea of a divorce, let along go through with it, as a Christian!?

I’ve gathered my little bullet points of touchy topics on this journey. Whether they’re questions people have asked or simply ones I hear in my head from pastor’s growing up. But here they are:

1. What happened? This is the most commonly asked question and coming from some, I pour my heart out. From others, I guard my marriage and protect it because I know the questioner is more interested in gossip than matters of the heart. In the end it’s never an easy answer. People want the black and white and unfortunately life, especially divorce, is not usually so.

2. How has the church responded? I’ve found myself very careful in answering this because I realize that for many this is a loaded question. Some want to hear that the church fired my husband (who is a worship leader at the church). Others want to hear that they’ve been a supportive community. To be honest, I don’t really know how the church has responded because I’ve stepped away to give him space in his work community. But what I do know is that our pastor has loved me. He’s reached out, offered support and encouraging words, and made it clear that I’m beautiful and loved and accepted. Furthermore, I’ve been shocked at the amount of support I’ve received from the community at large. I’d like to think that the way we live our lives is breaking down the stereotypes that most held about divorce. And that perhaps the church’s conversation as they see authentically the pain that divorce brings, even to people who live their lives in service to their creator.

3. How do you justify divorce? I don’t. I’m broken. I’m a sinner. I realized that I felt the pressure from my community to justify it and I just can’t. Marriage is hard and should never be walked away from lightly. Ever. My husband and I visited counseling for months – both marriage and personal – and both knew we were better off separately. We might have been able to make it work – stick it out – but we would have been extremely unhappy. Whether divorce can be justified or not is a complicated and long conversation that get’s into interpretations of scripture and God’s message behind divorce. But what I do know is that it’s a choice. And it’s hard. And it’s now a part of my brokenness, my journey.



4. Is it because you’re an independent woman?Truly, this is a question. Maybe just as much as my husband was independent? Like many fellow feminists I don’t see myself in the ‘traditional’ light of wifely-ness. I wasn’t home in time to cook dinner for my husband every night, nor did I rise hours before him in the morning to prepare his breakfast and join him in a quiet time. But what I did do was provide adventure, and passion, and a global perspective that (I’d like to think) he appreciated. Supposedly he was attracted to my independence – but the question is whether or not he meant it. I would surmise that it threatened him in the end.

But the question I’ve begun to crave and I think the church needs to be asking of it’s people in a time like this is different than any of the above. It’s a healthier question, in my opinion.

Am I rooted in God’s love?

In my times of prayer the only thing I ‘heard’ from God was Ephesians 3:16-19. Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians to be rooted in love so that they may grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. [Paraphrasing and emphasis mine]. Was I grasping the vast extent of God’s love for me? This is a lot to take in, especially when you feel like a failure in the eyes of yourself and the church.

This journey has reminded me of our need to fix one another – especially in the church. To provide the black and white answers according to scripture and to have things fit neatly into a box. This isn’t the Jesus I know. Is it the Jesus you know? This conversation is uncomfortable and controversial. It’s open to interpretation and can cause arguments depending on how we view scripture or what stories we carry with us that contribute to our experiences. But exploring divorce – especially with those who it has personally affected – is so necessary in communally pursuing the heart of God. God doesn’t look for perfect people – we have an entire book that shows us that he loved the broken. He simply wants what is best for us. So why do we expect such perfection, and shy away from brokenness? Jesus did not come to heal the healthy, but the sick. He did not come to call the Righteous, but sinners. Jesus came for us, broken and all, and asks us to repent.

The questions people have asked me in this journey are valuable. But church, I would call us to a different question. Are we rooted in God’s love? In my community this is what I hunger for – not for people to judge me, but rather for people to continue encouraging me towards the heart of God. My desire is that my actions, my love, be of Him and from Him. There is no black and white to divorce. I’m sorry, it’s just not that simple. But there is a current we can fall in to during times of immense pain – one that the church should humble themselves to – and that is simply the love and grace of a Lord that cares for the hurting and the sick in ways that are extremely difficult for us to comprehend. So let’s rest in that confusion. Give in to it’s greatness. And daily ask ourselves if we’re living rooted in something bigger than ourselves. Even if we don’t understand it.

Rachel Goble is the President and Associate Producer of The SOLD Project organization and film. She also has a passion for the intersection of justice and the arts and is the owner of Rachel Goble Photography.

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Rachel Goble

Rachel GobleRachel Goble is the President and Associate Producer of The SOLD Project organization and film. She also has a passion for the intersection of justice and the arts and is the owner of Rachel Goble Photography.View all posts by Rachel Goble →

  • Ed_Cyzewski

    As I look back at my parents’ divorce, you bring up many of the things I’ve been thinking about. There isn’t black and white. It’s all so painful and broken, and that’s why we need to bring redemption to these situations rather than judgment. Brokenness is brokenness. There isn’t a right way to be broken.

    • Jill

      I wholeheartedly agree with you Ed! There is no black and white when it comes to divorce and it’s important that people be mindful of that. And Rach, I very much appreciate you’re openness and vulnerability about such a sensitive topic. It’s these types of conversations that will help shift people’s negative perceptions of divorce.

  • roepete

    As a staunch ‘anti-divorce’ advocate (due to an unwanted divorce thrust upon me), all I have to say is that I fully appreciate the honesty and passion in writing this. Although I disagree with divorce, one must have compassion for those who go through divorce – whether they are the divorcer or divorcee. If someone has done something wrong, it profits no one to continually judge that person for that mistake. Many ministries are destroyed because of this judgmentalism.

    I am afraid that others might use this as a platform to file for a divorce of their own, which, as the author alluded to, is not Biblical. Maybe divorce isn’t always black and white, but as a well-known preacher would say, “Maybe Jesus meant what he said” – even when it comes to divorce.

    Many marriages fail because one or both parties are not ‘happy’. They rely on the spouse to provide that happiness and that is a recipe for disaster (like mine). When our ‘happiness’ is first grounded in something else besides God (family, job, money, etc), many times, it doesn’t end well.

    It sounds like you (the author) were suffering in the marriage. Sometimes we have to endure suffering so God can produce in us the attributes he desires (see Romans 5:3-5, James 1:3-4, et al). If the disciples knew how much they were going to suffer, they probably wouldn’t have joined Jesus. If I knew how much I would have to suffer post-divorce, I would have never gotten married. Maybe Paul was onto something his ‘not getting married’ advice.

    So, I do follow Jesus’s prescribed “Do not divorce” but for anyone who did, we then need to follow His guide of “Do not judge”.

  • billy copeland

    this is yadayada’s. doesn’t say much except.. ‘church love me!’ everyone has reasons for divorce but big deal…get over your needy self and grow up.

    • StrngeFruit

      Shame on you. Disagree, debate, but don’t degrade. Be better than that.

    • Heather

      I’m sure it wasn’t easy for the author to write this, fearing the worst as seen in the above comment. (I’ll ignore the irony of the “grow up” statement.) But, Rachel, rest assured that the commenter above is the exception, and I’m sure many people, myself included, were helped and encouraged by your article.

    • Drew

      I disagree with a lot of what Rachel wrote. However, I have found that people like Billy who throw the first stone generally have skeletons in their own closet that they are hiding. Even if the the article is theologically bankrupt, we all make poor choices and have to move on. I appreciate Rachel’s honesty.

  • JWsanfrancisco

    I appreciate your candor – thanks for sharing personally in this public space. It is hard to know how to respond with the right balance of grace and truth to beloved people in my life suffering deeply in marriage, or experiencing divorce. The more we can talk about it the better.

  • BMH

    I think it is very important for people to share these sorts of stories. Thank you for writing. I think what is missing, however, is some indication of what has been learned. In particular, I’d like to know if you have thought about what, if anything, you should have done differently before the marriage to determine that this was a poor match. Or, perhaps that’s not the right phrase, but from my own experience, with a very long dating & engagement period, I found that there have been few surprises in our marriage. It’s not been excruciatingly hard as some pronounce marriage to ALWAYS be. I say this not to rub salt in the wound, but out of a sense that there are ways to discover quite a bit about another (and about ourselves) prior to marriage that should prevent divorce. What advice do you have for young couples and singles looking at marriage now?

    • RG

      BMH – Thank you for this thoughtful response. You are absolutely right that there are always surprises in a marriage and that marriage is such a beautiful place to discover more about ourselves. I’ve learned so much about myself in this journey, and for that I’m grateful. As for advice for young couples looking at marriage, I would encourage couples to explore their own personal health. Embrace your brokenness and allow your spouse into your dark areas. Battle them together and learn from them together. Particularly for my case, mental health attributed a lot to our marital unhealth. I don’t go in to details here out of respect, but I’d be happy to share more via email.

  • Morf

    It’s easy to say that any of us should just stick with whatever choice we have made, and Rachel shows tremendous courage both in acting out her decision, perhaps with a sense of personal/emotional survival, and in sharing her story.

    In a few months, my wife & I will mark 32 years together. Was it the best choice either one of us could have made? God only knows, but we are who we are together, and we have built a small world around ourselves; it would break each of us – and many others – if we separated.

    Are we as happy as we could be? Again, only God knows, but my sense is that we are happier, healthier and probably more stable in every way than we can even recognize.

    Even if we readers knew Rachel personally, we would still not know anywhere hear enough to judge.

    Marriage is not easy, it’s not even challenging – it is flat out impossible. We might find the perfect person, but they, and we, will never stay that way.

    All I can say is, my blessings to those married, single, divorced, straight or gay. Life in a broken world will always be broken. We are called to be healers and restorers, and we have to learn what only we can learn and become God’s people in a world that hates us as much as it needs us, and our own brokenness can, if we allow it, lead us into miracles.

  • Pamela Merritt

    Jesus did not ask us to be perfect; and yet so many churches seem to require that. And if we are not perfect, we are supposed to shut up and pretend..

    This is life-denying, and that is the last thing Jesus preached. Love is voluntary. It can require the hard work of facing our own, and others’, failings, but marriage might not be the best medium to act upon them.

    In my experience, love is easy. Life, is hard.

  • kimberly

    i just want to share my experience and testimony here.. i was married
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  • Brad Berky

    Good, though difficult stuff honestly shared herein. Know my thoughts and prayers are with you amidst this transitional season. Cheers, Brad

  • disappointed.


    I was tracking with you until you wrote, ‘Supposedly he was attracted to my independence – but the question is whether or not he meant it. I would surmise that it threatened him in the end.’
    That crossed a line.

    This is a one-sided article, and that was a one-sided comment, with no opportunity for the guy to respond. Granted, it would be near-impossible to write a two-sided article on your divorce, especially when it’s so recent.
    That said, is it wise or God-honoring to write about something so messy and painful in such a public way? You give so much detail about yourself and your ex; it would be so easy for people to read this and figure out who your ex-husband is.
    That also crossed a line.
    I know that there is hurt and disappointment for both people in your divorce.But this article reeks of revenge and subtle slander.This is not a good example to other people of what to do with your hurt.
    I don’t say this to shame you. I say this to encourage you to keep this conversation among trusted friends and family who will support and love you – it sounds like you have no shortage of people like that. Embrace that.
    Perhaps in time, what you are learning could be shared in a more public way.
    But this is one-sided, too public, and too soon.
    Please don’t do this again.
    There is a better way to receive Christ’s healing, without adding to the pain and hurt that you both are already walking through.

    I wish would retract this article.
    The website editors need to exercise more discernment next time.
    I am disappointed.

    Grace and Peace.

    • Nancy Collins

      The blame-tinged language seems to be part of the brokenness. But I understand what you are saying.

  • nelly

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  • ck

    I never thought it would have been so dificult, actually I never even thought of divorse as it was not an option. There was no warning (that I saw) looking back I can see mistakes that I have done, but I was good to her and treasured her. I am not even given the oppertunity to fight for my most precious posession. I hold on to God and I am closer than a very long time, but somtimes I dont know how to continue. To those who want to judge do whatever you want, I am broken and can’t care about petty idiologies or judgement. I can feel God, I know he cares but this feels like torture (I dont blame Him, it is choices). Ultimately we commit to another person, takes two people to comit before God but it can take only one to break that, its scary how little we control. But before you point fingers, keep silent and eat your perfect cake in silence and let God heal that which is broken we might not deserve it but He is the hope for those out of hope without Him we are nothing.

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