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In this divisive American election season, where is the prophetic voice of faith? Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock leads #WeStandWithLove, a movement working to bring people of faith together in this season, to stand up for Love.

What is the state of the church today around the world? Tony and Shane reflect on Christ’s Bride, and her purpose and future in our world.


The Christian practice of lament is one we have lost in Western Christianity. Professor Soong Chan Rah walks us through the importance of this practice, and how it can be a gateway to healing.

We all know those Bible passages that Christians use to discuss homosexuality. But how do we not use those passages to “clobber” one another, but to love and serve one another? Colby Martin, pastor of Sojourn Grace Collective and author of UnClobber, talks through these divisive passages with Shane and Tony.


Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden founded Someone To Tell It To in order to support people in their brokenness, loneliness and suffering. Tony and Shane discuss with them the importance of really listening.

Tony and Shane sit down with Dr. Christena Cleveland to discuss real reconciliation in the Body of Christ.

With the recent death of Tim LaHaye, Tony and Shane discuss his legacy in the “Left Behind” series… and Tony’s recent spotlight giving the benediction at the Democratic National Convention.

In this two part interview, Dr. David Bradstreet, author of Star Struck (Zondervan Sept 2016), discusses the magnitude and wonder of the heavens. Tony and Shane talk with Dr. Bradstreet about our Creator’s mind-boggling display of cosmic handiwork.

Shane tells stories of The Simple Way – how it started as a radical Christian community and what it looks like now. “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” -Mother Teresa

Australian Keith Mascord chats with Tony and Shane about his latest book – Faith without Fear: Risky choices facing contemporary Christians.

On this week’s podcast, Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo help us navigate the US Presidential election, keeping Jesus in the forefront.

Kent talks with Shane and Tony about his recently released “Slow Kingdom Coming” and practices that can form us into people of justice and mercy for the long haul.

Shane recently released Executing Grace: How the Death Penalty Killed Jesus and Why It’s Killing Us. In this episode, Tony and Shane grapple with the radical nature of God’s boundless grace.

Jeremy Courtney, founder of Preemptive Love, called into the studio to discuss the work of Preemptive Love in Iraq in the midst of ISIS and terror. “The world is scary as hell, love anyway.”

Tony and Shane discuss the movements of the Holy Spirit, and the surprising ways the Spirit leads, heals and brings life.