Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne host Across the Pond, a radio program aired in the UK on Premier Radio ( You can subscribe to the Red Letter Christians podcast in iTunes, in Soundcloud, or keep up with us here.
With the string of Anti-LGBTQ and bathroom bill legislation in the US, Tony and Shane talk about what is really important.

Tony and Shane talk to Brandan Robertson, author of Nomad: A Spirituality for Traveling Light. Brandan shares his thoughts on what millennials long for in the Church, and Church partnerships with the LGBTQ community.

Part II of our interview with Rabbi Adlerstein. Shane and Tony chat with the Rabbi about Christian misunderstandings of the Hebrew Bible, and the common ground between our Christian and Jewish faith.

In this discussion with Teresa Pasquale Mateus, Shane and Tony talk about the wounds we receive in life and in the church, and how those wounds can be healing for us and others.

What role should Government play in the lives of Christians? Shane and Tony take a crack at this question in this week’s episode of Across the Pond.

Shane recently re-released The Irresistible Revolution on its 10th Birthday! The boys discuss the revolution after 10 years – what’s changed and what remains the same.
Shane and Tony discuss the ISIS attacks in Brussels and continuing extremism around world – including political extremism here in the United States.
Shane and Tony interviewed Dr. William Barber, president of the NAACP in North Carolina, about his book The Third Reconstruction and the Moral Movement in North Carolina.

Shane and Tony discuss the Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and the political phenomena that has led to his rise.

In this 2 part series, Tony and Shane continue discussing issues around Lent, including the spiritual disciplines of fasting and vegetarianism.

In part 1 of a two-part series, Tony and Shane discuss the Christian season of Lent, and its importance to our faith.