RAWtools: AK47s into Farm Tools

Farm Tools
Saturday afternoon at The Justice Conference, we transformed a semi-automatic weapon into garden tools. Watch it happen:

Our Mennonite blacksmith friends, Mike and Fred, have been inspired by the “beat your swords into plows… and study war no more” vision of the prophets Micah and Isaiah. After 9/11 they heard that some of the metal from the twin towers was recycled and used for a warship. After hearing of that, they caught the vision for RAWtools, Inc.(turning “war” around and cultivating life instead of death) – check them out: www.rawtools.org

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Now they have invited folks around the country to donate their weapons. From each semi-automatic, they can make several garden tools – which will actually be fully functional and ready for use (not just to hang on the wall). They promised us a trowel and shovel made from the AK 47 we transformed today, which we can’t wait to use in the Potter Street gardens.

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The AK47 we converted was fully functional and able to shoot or kill, and the owner wanted to end the patterns of gun violence haunting our country… so he donated it. We are excited to see this gun turned into farm tools, and are we can’t wait for many more weapon-conversions in the days to come. Let’s beat the tools of death into tools of life.

“My people will beat their swords into plows… and study war no more.” –Isaiah 2

Shane Claiborne is a prominent author, speaker, activist, and founding member of the Simple Way.  He is one of the compilers of Common Prayer, a new resource to unite people in prayer and action. Shane is also helping develop a network called Friends Without Borders which creates opportunities for folks to come together and work together for justice from around the world. His most recent book is Red Letter Revolution, which he co-authored with Tony Campolo.

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  • otrotierra

    Another amazing post. It’s inspiring to see what can happen when biblical values are taken seriously and actually applied in the real world.

  • bluecenterlight

    I my decidedly libertarian view, I believe people have the right to own guns in this country. I also believe if they harm innocent people with them they should never see the light of day. Having said that, I am really disturbed by the melding of God and guns in this country. There are many who believe it is not only your right as a Christian to owns guns, but now it has become your duty somehow. I don’t believe gun ownership takes away from your Christian bonifides, but neither does it add. We are called to be people of peace, to own something that in a fraction of a second can throw someone into eternity to face God’s judgement is a heavy weight of responsibility. More responsibility than I feel worthy of wielding. I would much rather be Stephen than Saul, so pass the shovel :)

    • SamHamilton

      Amen! Well said.

      • bluecenterlight

        and a shovel for you :)

        • SamHamilton


  • Which legal, safe, easy to use, and low-recoil firearm did then 10-year old (now 13) 3-Gunner Katelyn Francis use under her veteran father’s supervision to hunt and kill her first deer. Was it

    a) Joey Biden’s 12 gauge shotgun

    b) Muzzle loader

    c) Remington 700 bolt action 270 Winchester Hunting Rifle

    d) AR-15 .223 Winchester (5.56 x 45 NATO)

    e) Sling Shot

    CHOICE: Letting girls and women as early as the womb CHOOSE life and the 2nd-amendment protected firearm they prefer.

    youtube dot com / watch?v=57W6yvLla1g&sns=em

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