taking the words of Jesus seriously

Expanding Our Understanding of a Christian’s Duty

Ultimately, there is an urgent need to transition to renewable energy that prioritizes public health for frontline communities, women and children, communities of color and workers for whom the current energy economy has impacted their health and livelihood. But we cannot make progress unless we see this as part of our Christian duty. I’m clear that it is; I invite you to join me in expanding our understanding of what we are called to do today, tomorrow and into the future.

Christian Nationalism is Dangerous to Christians

 More Christians must step up. We must do more than just watch the January 6th hearings aghast. We cannot allow our faith to continue to be hijacked by white supremacists covered in religious language. For the sake of our faith and our democracy, we must denounce Christian nationalism and reclaim a faith that values and affirms the human dignity of all people. Including our own.

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