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January 12 marks the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti that killed more than 230, 000 people. In addition to that initial loss of life, there has been dealing with the aftermath. One million people in Port-au-Prince remain homeless a year later. A health crisis due to cholera is underway, with tens of thousands infected and more than 2, 500 who have died. The country is also in the middle of a political crisis. All this in a country of 9 million people that is just a 90-minute flight from Miami.

But with devastation comes the possibility of hope. I Interview Kent Annan from Haiti Partners and he shares stories of beauty and tribulation, pain and love, darkness and compassion. In this OOZEcast you can hear about some of the amazing work that has been done over the past year and find out simple ways you can continue to help out. Many of the stories Kent shares are from his latest book “After Shock” (which he is donating his earnings to educational programs in Haiti).

Click here to listen to the full interview with Kent Annan

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Spencer Burke explores his passion for arts, technology, and the church in both the written and spoken word. Spencer now serves as the founder and executive director of Hatchery LA – a residential incubator for common cause communities based in Los Angeles, CA. Spencer and his family live in Newport Beach, CA.

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