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For over a year, we (The Many) had been reflecting on this line that one of our members Lenora had written, “Why are things so broken.”

It’s a tough question. An emotional question. It seemed like the genesis of a great song, but we were stuck. Then a few months ago we had an invitation from Sanctified Art to write a song for Lent. They were working with the theme “Again and Again.”

They were using the phrase not only as a lament but also as a word of praise. It was then that Lenora and the rest of us began to get a glimpse of where this song could go. There’s lament – “Why are things so broken – again and again – where has all the mercy gone.” But also this gratitude – “again and again”– in the midst of it all, “God’s love remains.”

And so this song was born. Lyrics are by Lenora Rand with music by Hannah Rand. We recorded this during the pandemic – Hannah, Leslie Michele, and Darren Calhoun recorded the vocals from their bedrooms or living rooms, Hannah and Gary Rand made the music in their basement. The video is also the work of Lenora and Hannah. This is our first time using this particular “look” for a video. We love it. It seems to fit the emotions of this song just right.

We pray the song might bring you some healing and hope.

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About The Author


Darren Calhoun, Leslie Michele, and Hannah Rand came together as The Many about five years ago because they shared a longing for music to sing together in worship that was truly honest, inclusive and justice-building. All three had worked as worship leaders - and they couldn’t find much of that kind of music anywhere. So, they began writing it, singing it and sharing it with others around the country. Not head in the clouds “praise music” - but emotional, feet-on-the-ground, heart-in-hands, scars- revealed, wild and holy, liturgically-seasoned music of resistance and hope. With lyrics born from scriptures, from headlines, and from their own experience, the music of The Many draws from the diversity of the three lead singers – the soulful sincerity of Darren, the gospel-soaked roots of Leslie, and the pure, emotional indie pop of Hannah. The Many is also a part of The Plural Guild, a unique collective of musicians, artists, songwriters, poets, pastors, activists, uneasy prophets, and unsaintly saints on a mission to remind us that we aren’t alone, God loves every one of us, and we all belong here. Drawing on indie pop and gospel influences, The Many makes music to help give voice to faith and doubt, questions and fears, laments and longings, music that speaks to a non-violent God, a Jesus who is with us and for us, and to a Spirit that can't be easily defined or controlled. It's music for a movement of resistance to hatred and division, for reconciliation and restoration, and music that always reminds us "we are on this earth to love.

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