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Moral Monday Against Gun Violence in Nashville

Democracy is under attack in Tennessee. But this is a historic moment. You have probably seen what commenced in Nashville over the past few weeks, even during the heart of Holy Week. Three Tennessee legislators raised their voices against gun violence after the mass shooting nearby and the Tennessee House of Representatives expelled two young Black legislators.

Justin Jones has been a friend and collaborator with us at Red Letter Christians for many years. He has shown up over and over with us at RLC, so we want to show up for him, and for Justin J. Pearson and the Tennessee 3! What’s happening in Tennessee is bigger than the three of them, and affects all of us. And we don’t want to just watch, we want to participate in the history-making. In the words of Dr. King, we don’t want to “sleep through the revolution.”

So let’s show up together! This Monday, April 17th!

Red Letter Christians is excited to partner with Bishop Barber and Repairers of the Breach and tons of other great folks on Monday (this Monday!) April 17th. We’ll meet at 2pm at McKendree United Methodist Church. Then, we will march to the Tennessee State Capitol for a rally at 4pm CT.

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Apr 17 2023


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