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(Editor’s note: While we want to be in dialogue with our friends who are working to encourage the public to vote its conscience and keep their neighbor in mind this election season, please also note that Red Letter Christians—a nonpartisan 501c3—welcomes everyone, regardless of party affiliation, to the table where there’s enough room and grace for all.)

At Vote Common Good we encourage people of faith to bring about a change on election day by making the common good their voting criteria and by deepening into Faith, Hope, and Love to stop the re-election of Donald Trump.

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We’ve been talking with voters across the country about why they cast their vote for Donald Trump in 2016 and why they will not vote for him in 2020.

Here are a few of their stories.

About The Author


Doug Pagitt is the author of several books,
including his most recent title, Flipped: The
Provocative Truth that Changes Everything
We Know About God, and a line of church
leadership books focusing on faith in the
Inventive Age. He is an initiator of
Convergence US and the director of the OPEN Network which seeks to organize progressive Evangelical and non-denominational churches, organizations, and people to 1) make visible what is often invisible: the progressive Evangelical expression of faith in the United States, 2) resource the groundswell of just and generous expressions of Christian faith, and 3) create pathways of connection and belonging among existing and emerging progressive Evangelicals.

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