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In June 2023, Shane Claiborne paid a visit to Church Mission Society in Oxford UK for a lively conversation about mission with Naomi Steinberg.

“I grew up with a version of Christianity that was more about escaping this world than transforming it.” Shane Claiborne in conversation with Naomi Steinberg.

“The spiritual landscape of what God is doing is bigger than the most toxic versions of our faith.”

In addition to the video, visit this link to read more from their interview.

“I hope and I pray that a generation from now, when people hear the word Christian, they think of love. I hope they say justice. I hope they say compassion, hospitality to immigrants. That we are the folks that love the people that have been crushed in the world.”

Read the full article:

Working on our posture: talking about God’s mission with Shane Claiborne

Editor’s Note: Church Mission Society article and video shared with permission from Church Mission Society.

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