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Last week I told you how I met Tony Campolo and how found myself directing Tony’s new initiative, Red Letter Christians. Since that first day 30 months ago Red Letter Christians has undergone a few organizational makeovers. In the beginning we were solely a daily blog of Tony and friends, then we added a TV show, then a revamped online and mobile presence, and now we’re venturing into connecting readers with ministries, showcasing up and coming speakers, and partnering with other non-profits to jointly advance the work of the Kingdom around the world. It’s unbelievably exciting and it’s full of potential! Here’s why:

What Red Letter Christians uniquely offers the world is a multi-media digital platform that showcases world-class speakers and authors who are simultaneously practitioners and disciples, entrepreneurs and followers. They’ve moved into the neighborhood, journeyed alongside their friends and colleagues, redefined how the world views and speaks of poverty and injustice, and they’ve lived to tell about it! Put simply, they’ve lived out the Red Letters of the Bible, those highlighted words of Jesus. And over the past two and a half years, Red Letter Christians has corralled a group of them and helped them tell their story to others!

But we know they aren’t the only ones. All around the world there are people too busy living out the words of Jesus to talk about it. They’re running food pantries and volunteering in schools, organizing youth retreats and helping recently released prisoners find work. And we want to help them tell their story to the world! Because at the core of the Red Letter Christians movement is the fundamental truth that you are not alone. We are one body, all of us, and we are all in this together.

And so as Red Letter Christians moves forward into a new fiscal year we look with anticipation to the stories we will hear that we never knew previously existed. We await the emails from new readers delighted and relieved to find a home of fellow believers and practitioners who are going through exactly what they are going through. Because you aren’t alone, none of us are.

At the same time, I know that Red Letter Christians is not alone. We truly could not do this without every one of you – the readers and writers and commenters and donors – thank you! If we can request anything of you it is that you keep on participating and venturing with us! Please continue to read and share and contribute to the conversation. And if you are able please continue to donate. We can’t exist without each part of this equation. In 30 months Red Letter Christians has already become a home to over one million people.

Can you help us finish these first 30 months, and begin the next 30, strong by contributing $30 by June 30?! The impact of your support cannot be overstated. We truly cannot do this without you!

Once again, thank you for a brilliant 30 months. We are thrilled that this is only the beginning!

Brian Ballard


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