The Best of 2012

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As Red Letter turns the page on 2012 we look back at the best pieces from Most read: Seven Reasons Why Young Adults Quit Church – by: Christian Piatt Most discussed: What does Jesus think about Homosexuality – by: Derek Flood Received the most emails saying ‘thanks!’: Sexual Orientation: It’s Not a Sin – by: Kathy Vestal Most talked …

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The Rage of Moloch – An Old Testament god thriving on our children

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Filth! Ugliness! Ashcans and unobtainable dollars! Children screaming under the stairways! Boys sobbing in armies! Old men weeping in the …

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Death, Violence and America: Is God the Answer or the Problem?

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Whenever there is a tragedy in America you can count on some politically saturated Christian leaders to rush in to …

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The Challenge of the Manger in Bethlehem

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BY: TOBIAS ROBERTS –From opulent shopping malls in the Unites States to corners of crumbling adobe houses in rural…

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What Would Jesus Say to the NRA?


BY: SHANE CLAIBORNE — What does the birth of the baby Jesus 2000 years ago have to offer the violent, troubled world we live in?

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Singing Mary’s Song

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BY: TOM MCCROSSAN — Mary’s song (Luke 1:46-55) is an expression of great faith and humble gratitude. It is the outpouring of a soul…

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Republicans “Own” Every Child Killed by a Gun and their Weeping Parents

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BY: FRANK SCHAEFFER — Who wants to “own” the pictures of weeping mothers? The Republican Party does. As if killing themselves with anti-gay…

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