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As Red Letter turns the page on 2012 we look back at the best pieces from redletterchristians.org:

Most read:
Seven Reasons Why Young Adults Quit Church – by: Christian Piatt

Most discussed:
What does Jesus think about Homosexuality – by: Derek Flood

Received the most emails saying ‘thanks!’:
Sexual Orientation: It’s Not a Sin – by: Kathy Vestal

Most talked about story:
Ku Klux Clowns in East Tennessee – by: Shane Claiborne

Most memorable:
Bullshit National Grieving – by: Kent Annan

Most collaboration:
Ten Cliches Christians Should Never Use – by: Christian Piatt

Other memorable and highly discussed posts:
Learning to Speak: Chick-fil-A and our Inability to Dialogue – by: Michael Kimpan

Reflections on the Arab Spring and the Persecution of Christians – by: Tony Campolo

Jesus for President 2012 – by: Shane Claiborne & Chris Haw

Why Abortion Should Not Be Politically Decisive for Christians – by: Craig M. Watts

Fear and Loathing in Fundamentalist Land – by: Tom McCrossan


What was your most memorable piece in 2012? Why?

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