Undoing the Mess That America Made


Just before the United States and the United Kingdom, along with token forces from a handful of other countries, invaded Iraq for the second time, Wheaton College staged a debate between Gary Bauer (a one-time candidate for the Republican nomination for the presidency) and me over the wisdom and the morality of the invasion.

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A Small Step Towards Peace in Israel-Palestine

Small Step Towards Peace In Israel Palestine

JULY 18, 2014 | BY: TONY CAMPOLO — Jesus once said that if we are faithful in little things, He would make us the ruler over great things…

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A Cure for Ministerial Burnout: Contemplative Prayer

Contemplative Prayer

JULY 16, 2014 | BY: TONY CAMPOLO — Burnout is a big problem. In far too many cases we hear of missionaries who go to the field and then…

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Should Churches Hire Youth Pastors?

Should Churches Hire Youth Pastors

JUNE 14, 2014 | BY: TONY CAMPOLO — It seems strange to me that churches should show such favoritism to the youth and do little, if anything, for the…

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Scripture Wasn’t Written for Men Alone

Scripture Wasnt Written For Men Alone Tony Campolo

MAY 19, 2014 | BY: TONY CAMPOLO — Those of us who are religious have to ask ourselves whether the prophets who inscribed our sacred writings ever…

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Overcoming a Theology of Oppression

Out Of My Mind Following The Trajectory Of Gods Regenerative Story

MAY 16, 2014 | BY: TONY CAMPOLO — For many Christians, the faith struggles of W. J. de Kock will prove to be reflections of their…

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Sociological Sources of Agnosticism

Sociology Of Knowledge Looking Outside The Known Universe

MAY 6, 2014 | BY: TONY CAMPOLO — There is a field of study within the discipline of sociology that fails to get the attention that it deserves. It is called…

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