Are We Better Than Them?

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BY: KERRY DIXON — I can tell this story because I can’t imagine myself ever thinking such thoughts, let alone saying them out…

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Why this Republican Voted for Obama But Is Not (Yet) a Democrat

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BY: TOM McCROSSAN — All too often, our political choices are who’s the best of two bad options? Or who has fewer faults than…

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The Dangers of Evangelism

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BY: CHRISTIAN PIATT — I understand the basis of evangelism. There are lots of scriptural bases for doing it: making…

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Can Israel love its enemies in Gaza and keep its people safe?

Israel Gaza

BY: MORGAN GUYTON — Israel can be a better agent for peace when they are willing to do more than appease the consciences…

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Eat the Turkey, not each other: How to survive Thanksgiving dinner

Eat The Turkey

BY: MARTY TROYER — There’s more to look forward to this Thanksgiving dinner than a second slice of pecan pie when…

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This is Pure — A Tax Collector and Sinner who shouldn’t be Here

This Is Pure

BY: MICHAEL KIMPAN — News of the rabbi who taught a radical redemption was spreading well beyond the religious…

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Murder in Our Hearts

Murder In Our Hearts

BY: MORF MORFORD — If there is anything Christians should never need a reminder of, it is how much God hates murder…

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