Honest to God, ourselves and others – PART TWO: how Russian Dolls, Noesis and Experience encourage an honest theology

Honest Theology Part 2

MAR 7, 2014 | BY: MAL GREEN — Rather than appealing only to some body of theological evidence or weight of ecclesiastical, academic…

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Honest to God, ourselves and others – A journey of dishonest theology (Part 1)

Journey Of Dishonest Theology

MAR 4, 2014 | BY: MAL GREEN — I had to prepare an introduction for a session on “Sexual/Gender identity and theology” as part of…

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Take the ‘A’ Train

Take The A Train

AUGUST 31, 2013 | BY: MAL GREEN — When I look at my own journey in regard to how I view LGBTI* people and activity, I have to admit…

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Caught in the Act: Reputation and Relationship

Brother Compassion

May 18, 2013 | BY: MAL GREEN — In numerous incidents in my reputation has been called into question by family, friends and church…

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Binary and Quantum Morality: Two lads, a prostitute, morality and quantum computing

Binary Morality

BY: MAL GREEN — In our Christian belief system, we may have settled for a linear logic, binary thinking approach to doctrine…

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Redemptive Morality: Non-Traditional Marriage and Les Mis

Redemptive Morality

BY: MAL GREEN — Most of the rhetoric opposed to marriage equality legislation seems to revolve around a perceived affront…

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Church is Fantasy, but that’s Okay (as long as we don’t think it’s reality)

Church Is Fantasy

BY: MAL GREEN — What if church as we know it is not what we make it out to be – the centre of our worship life…

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