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For the time it takes you to read this blog post, six children will die from water-borne illnesses. Three children for every minute of every day. That number is amplified by the dire statistic that 884 million lack access to safe water. This is the global water crisis. Water Missions International is a Christian engineering ministry focused on bringing an end to this crisis! Since 2001, Water Missions International has provided sustainable, safe water solutions to disaster victims worldwide and people in 49 developing countries.

You are invited to get your church involved to take a stand against this devastating epidemic by hosting a “Water Sunday” event at your church in March 2012. (March 22nd is World Water Day) Water Sunday is the start of a conversation that ties a church community in the US to communities around the world who lack access to safe drinking water.  All the materials are provided to make this a fun and energizing Sunday for your church. The beauty of Water Sunday is that – not only is it transforming lives in developing countries, but as people look outside of themselves, the Holy Spirit does a transformational work in their heart as well. God is “lighting fires with water!”

Here’s what you should know:

  • All the materials are provided. (promo video, lesson materials, graphics, sermon notes)
  • March 2012 is the focus month, but you can choose to host a different time that fits in your ministry schedule.
  • Connect your church community with communities in the developing world.
  • Share the love of Christ in a tangible way and equip a local pastor with a valuable tool to share the gospel!
  • In the following months – inspiring photos, videos, and stories will come back showing the direct impact your church made.
  • Expect God to show up in BIG ways!

We are challenging 50 churches to host Water Sunday’s in March and through their combined efforts seek to give the gift of safe water to 25, 000 people!

Your church can make a lasting impact in a community that does not have safe water – both physically and spiritually. Visit the Water Sunday Website to learn more and sign up your church for this event.


“People are always questioning about how this system works and asking how they can acquire it. We always tell them about our Great God and there we end up with the chance of preaching to them the gospel. Can you imagine that even non believers come willing to offer us land to plant churches because of this water system. Not one or two, many have come to us! So to us, it is an iron tool for the gospel.” Pastor Charles – Glory Center church – Neddje, Uganda

Kevin Herr is the Church Engagement Coordinator at Water Missions International

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