taking the words of Jesus seriously

some are big, some are small
some are expanding, some are shrinking
some are fast-paced, some are slow and laid back
some welcome outsiders, some distrust them
some elect their governments, some inherit their patriarchs
some love their leaders, others hate them
some are liberal, some are conservative
some are corrupt, some are honest
some are clean, some are dirty
some are constantly changing, some always stay the same
some are great for vacations, some are great for business
some are great for singles, some are great for families
some are safe, some are dangerous
some are old, some are new
some are traditional, some are progressive
some are rich, some are poor
some are famous, others are unremarkable
some are diverse, some prefer conformity
some promote themselves, some prefer obscurity
some are known for their hospitality, some are known for their hostility
some have great food, some don’t
some have great architecture, others prefer cookie-cutter buildings
some have great education systems, others have horrible teachers
some have a great music scene, others enforce strict sound ordinances
some export goods, some import resources
some promote art, others ban it
some are technological hubs, others are old-fashioned
some are full of renters, some are full of owners
some are affordable, others have an expensive cost of living
some have short commutes, some have a long commutes
some are easily accessible, some are impossible to get to
some have lots of traffic, some hardly have any traffic at all
some have large police departments, some have few officers
some are boring, some are full of life
some are peaceful, some are violent
some are beautiful, some are ugly
some have strict laws, some are more lenient
some have lots of history, some have none
some are full of jobs, others have high unemployment
some take care of the environment, some are very wasteful
some are sustainable, some are becoming uninhabitable
some never close, others have strict scheduled hours
some require taxes, some have none
some celebrate holidays and special occasions, others prefer routine
some cities compete against each other, others form partnerships
some have visit centers, some only have informational pamphlets
some have coffee shops, some are to small to have any

The question is, what type of city are you living in? More importantly, what type of city do you want to travel to…or live in?

About The Author


Stephen Mattson is the author of "The Great Reckoning: Surviving a Christianity That Looks Nothing Like Christ." Follow him on Twitter (@StephenMattson_) and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephen.mattson

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