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As ‘white’ church leaders, ministry leaders, worship leaders, songwriters, artists, producers, company owners, heads of organizations, we come together to express our commitment towards fighting racial injustice in our own spheres of influence and America at large. Through this signed statement, we pledge to begin the work required to build environments that are racially just and equitable—in our church buildings, leadership structures, record labels, organizations, and public communications.

Many of us recognize that both organizationally and personally, we’ve fallen short of joining the fight against racism, thus allowing it to continue operating in our church buildings, music businesses and organizations. 

We commit now to the effort and learning needed to create more equitable systems. As professing Christians, we engage this effort earnestly, knowing that “faith without works is dead”. 

Moving forward, we are committed to the following steps as an act of solidarity with black lives that exist in Christian music spaces and churches across America.

READ: The Coalition for Praise and Protest Statement

1. In the coming months and years we commit to being listening and learning, refraining from positioning ourselves as an authority on the subject of racial injustice; choosing rather to amplify Black and Brown leaders that have worked diligently against these injustices for years.

2. We commit to speak up when observing systemic racism and racist language communicated from churches that we have relationships with; admonishing them according to Luke 17:3.

3. We commit to examining our own church leadership structures, record labels, and public communications, learning where there is racial bias and behavior; bringing correction, repentance and repair.

These steps can only be a starting place. The sin of racism that has plagued our nation and houses of worship for hundreds of years will not quickly give up its power, but in silence, it thrives. We must continue to bring it into the light.

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In love and solidarity,

Blake Flattley, Songwriter, Founder & Director of CommunionArts

Bryan Babcock, This Common Life

Derek Engdahl, Co-General Director Servant Partners

Drew Cobb, Worship Pastor, C3 Kansas City

Eric Himes, Director of The Singing Company, The Salvation Army USA Central Territory

Hannah Strang

Rev. Jason Dillingham, founding pastor of The Table Faith Community

Jesse Peters, Worship Leader & Artist

Josh Scheib, Senior Pastor, C3 Kansas City

Kayla Craig, writer and co-founder of Upside Down Podcast

Rev. Kerry Smith, Senior Pastor, Greenland Hills UMC

Krista-Dawn Kimsey, Co-Executive Directors Servant Partners Canada

Robby Rose, Worship Leader, Musician, Producer – Jesus Life Church

Patricia Taylor

Steven Hall, Worship Leader, BurlPres

Traci Early, Worship Leader

Vicky L Crane, Cadott, WI 54727 — Sociologist

(signatures will be updated on 6.8, 6.13, and 6.17)

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