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”Honestly and painfully I admit, I’ve been asleep at the proverbial wheel of the fight for justice in the U.S., particularly for PoC. I’m living in the predominantly white south, far removed from the culture that raised me. With an invigorated sense of identity and purpose, I have written a series of transparent assessments of recent events and my emotional response to them. ‘Waking Up’ describes the process of being asleep, waking up, and finding meaning.” (Bobby Alexandre)

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Written by Bobby Alexandre (ASCAP), Ryan James Carr (ASCAP)
© 2020 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), Out Word (ASCAP), Ryan James Carr (ASCAP) (admin by CapitolCMGPublishing.com)

Fruitless sleep
Wake-less ignorance
Like running from time
Or digging the sky

Emotionless. Motionless.
Resting blissfully. Awoken Bitterly.
To realize we have experienced ears
And virgin hearts

To never feel like this before.

To be re-booted:
The zest of being refreshed
and fitted with new shoes.
To sleepwalk for so long
and stumble through the night—
how humbling the light

I turn my face with hand upraised
overwhelmed by the rays of truth
That illuminate injustice
Squinting my eyes
Then when forcing them open
I’m incensed
My fist now clenched
Hangs in the air
As a beacon for those that follow
Lady liberty, no torch
We suffer violence
And the violent take it by force

About The Author


This world is full of believers whose voices are not being heard because they do not fit into mainstream Christian culture. Therefore, the emergence of the spiritual underground, which is buzzing with new life and innovation as a random network of misfits find each other, and a much needed place of safety. These past few years, Common Hymnal has anticipated the future of this as-yet-uncoalesced movement by building an online library to facilitate an exchange of songs, stories, and ideas. A recurring thread: praise and protest. Not only are we continually on the hunt for "hidden treasure," but, from time to time, we throw a little fuel on the fire by hosting content creation camps. Initially we add new music that we are finding to our "Unproduced" collection on SoundCloud and YouTube. As is appropriate, we curate creatives and content in one-off products for the mainstream streaming platforms, and put together "pop-up" bands for events. We share the “gems” that we are finding via this site, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Spotify Playlists, Apple Music, Pandora, podcasts, Patreon, live events, and a weekly Cyber Soiree which is streamed live on YouTube every Sunday at 8:00pm CST.

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